Friday, June 29, 2012

Grandma Lane

 So much has happened these past couple of years. I'd feel ungrateful if I didn't thank my Heavenly Father for all of it. . . even the trials we've had. He knows me and who I can become. I'm grateful for my Grandma Lane and the influence she has had in my life. I'm thankful for wonderful parents making the decision to take care of her. Because of their decision I've learned more about what it means to serve, to be like him. I thought I knew, taking dinners to people, helping babysitting but really I had no idea. 
 These pictures are some of the last ones taken at Grandma's house. I asked my wonderful sister in law to take pictures around her house because I knew as time past, if I didn't have these pictures it would become a faded memory. When we sold our home my parents asked if we would be interested in renting their house and they would get another place so grandma could live with them. We thought it would be a good idea A year ago on the 4th my parents asked my Grandma if she would live with them. Grandma thought about it all night, didn't sleep and by morning she had a decision. She said yes. She lived in this home since 1959. Wonderful memories here and everything has always remained the same, the 30 years I've been on this earth. As time has passed, she stopped knitting because her hands would hurt, stopped volunteering because she has gotten tired and hasn't been able to do as much for herself.
 You can imagine how hard this was for my grandma. Although she knew it was right leaving and getting rid of everything she has had that has been a part of her was different and not easy. Grandma moved in January of this year and I would take the kids to see her. My parents work long hours and she also stopped driving so she was home all day. I know what it's like to be home all day. It can be depressing so we started picking Grandma up almost everyday to go with us to the park or just come over. 
 It hasn't been always easy but I have come to understand that serving isn't always easy or convenient. The blessings I've received and my children have received far out way the inconvenience it may sometimes bring. Grandma is doing much better and I've gotten used to having her around and she has definitely felt a lot better. I don't know what these next couple of years will bring or when Grandma will be sent home but I feel grateful for now and this opportunity we have to become close.
 Grandma still had this rotary phone. Today at my moms she still stands up and leans on the counter when she is talking on the phone. She isn't used to wireless.
 We used to sing and perform when we were little on this fireplace hearth.

 Grandma taught me how to sew on her sewing machine

 My favorite room
 My Uncle Bill is an amazing artist. He drew the pictures in the back.

 My mom made this when she first got married.

So many great memories at 1000 Tropicana Way

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dance Pictures

Dancing on Stage

 I loved watching Jocelynn on stage. Actually, today she said mom I want to go on stage again, it was awesome! 
 Jocelynn is shy and quiet to others she doesn't know so to see her do this for all to see brought tears to my eyes. Many times I used to wish that she would let others see what I see. I don't want her to hide her talents and put them under a bushel. I want her to let it shine. That night she did and I hope she never forgets it. I want to continue giving her those experiences!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jocelynn's First dance recital

 Jocelynn had her first dance recital. I was so excited for this. She has been going to "Just Kickin it" dance class with Kacie Christiansen for a year. I tried to get her in last year but it was full. I really wanted to see my little girl in one recital before she got big. I had her in dance class since 2 but this was her first recital. Every class I would drop her off. I never watched how she did. I think this was good because when I'm there she tends to use me as a crutch. In her other dance class she would cry and want me to be next to her and not want me to leave her. At first she didn't like going. I told her she just had to go till the recital, if she still didn't like it she did n't have to dance again. One day she said to me "Mom I can't believe I'm going on stage!" Can we tell everyone to come? I was excited for her. She is quiet and shy and I knew this would be good for her. At my first recital I was a lion and I cried on stage. 

I curled her hair and I thought she looked so beautiful! She was so excited. Couldn't stop talking about it. She wasn't nervous at all! 
 Look how confident she looks, my little girl is growing up.
 Her cousins came to watch her. Drove in traffic for 2 hrs to come. She loves her cousins. Tyler was the first person she said she wanted to be there. 
 Some of her fans after the recital!

 Her cousin Tyler above. They are the same age and have always played so well together. 

Her friends and like cousins below!
 Her dance instructor!
 One of her friends in  the ward and in her class!

She did an amazing job on stage! I'll post more pics of her dancing! The costumes were adorable! James and I were so proud watching her up there. She loved it and said she wants to do it again! I will cherish this memory forever!