Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ISR - Infant Swimming Resource

Since Jocelynn was a baby she didn't like taking a bath or being in water. Believe me, I tried everything, making the water shallow, more warmer, putting a heater in the bathroom, nothing worked. I got cries all the time, until she was about 9 months old. I got a huge inflattable duck that fit in the bathtub and that seemed to help. Over time, she has learned to like the water but is still a little afraid. She also lets me pour water over her head. She likes to be in control and the pool seems really big and over powering to her (I think). She's perfectly fine on the steps or if I'm holding her. Weeks ago after an hour at the pool she went out with her floaties. Last year I signed her up for a city pool class (mommy and me). That did not help at all. I could have done that with her. I heard of ISR through a friend of mine. I thought about it for weeks signing her up. It wasn't an easy decision. As a parent you try your best to make good decisions for your children. What will help them develop and grow but not pushing them too much. I was concerned that this would make her hate the water even more. I did my research though and was super impressed! Look below why I'm impressed! Also go to
It is everyday Monday through Friday for 5 weeks. 10 minutes everyday. We decided to sign her up after observing some lessons. We are in week 2 and here is a little bit about our experience. The first 2 videos are from her first day! The last one is her first day floating! She is doing so good!

Week one:
1st day - she was so excited to start swimming lessons. We observed a lesson and she even saw some kids crying and she still wanted to do it. She kept saying she wanted to be a sea lion! Instructor is amazing and started by putting her underwater and having her swim to the bar. So proud of herself when she got out and wanted to tell everyone she was swimming!
2nd Day - cried in the morning and didn't want to go. Made me sick to my stomach. Am I doing the right thing, I thought? After swim she was so proud of herself!
3rd and 4th Day - No crying and did great swimming under water to the bar (started to kick).
5th Day - Grandma Kirk came and she was smiling and showing off. First day of floating. Did awesome!

Week Two:
Day One - Instructor is working on floating this week but slowly giving her less and less support. She also started Dolphin rolls today. Jocelynn hated it and cried. Dolphin rolls are they are on their back and do a full roll in the water.

Why Impressed?
1. Only 10 minutes and the instructor checks temperature (pushing on bottom of foot) and how the child is doing. She has stopped lessons many days at 8 minutes.
2. 40 years of instruction
3. Very consistent, which children need
4. Provides understanding and confidence to your child.
5. Every day they add a little more for the child to learn.
6. Saves children's lives (they teach them to swim, float (to rest), swim)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kips Gymnastics

Makeit-LoveIt Give Away

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

29 weeks (30 tomorrow)

I got to see a good friend of mine who I grew up with last week. It's fun being pregnant together. This pregnancy has flown by and I really want time to slow down. I know I say that often but it's the truth. This is really the best time of my life. The first 4 months were hard but now I'm enjoying it. Sounds weird because it's the end but I love how I can feel him move so much. I love how I can feel the different body parts and James and Jocelynn can watch him move. I love knowing I have a sweet, innocent baby inside of me. My friend gave me a DVD to watch called the "Business of Birth" and got me so excited. Basically a long version of a Baby story. (I think I will write in another post about it because it is inspiring.) Giving birth to Jocelynn (giving birth period) is something no mother forgets. I look forward to what it's going to be like with Carter and the moment to share with my husband.
I have the nesting feeling bad and I'm probably driving James crazy. I want everything organized and I don't even have much for him. I've been organizing closets and trying to get as much as I can ready. We both talked the other night how in 2 months our loves will change again. That we'll have to adjust to what it'll be like as a family of 4. It's sad to think that we won't have that one on one time with Jocelynn anymore. I know she'll love having a brother but I also know that she can be demanding also so I'm sure it'll take time for her to get used to the idea that someone else is getting mom and dad's attention. 10 weeks to go. School ends next week. James will be gone on a business trip next week and the first week of June! Jocelynn is in swimming classes for the next 5 weeks. So basically he'll be here before we know it. I feel blessed!

Promenade Park Hike

Jocelynn and I go to the park at least a couple times a week. I'm trying my best to treasure these moments with just her and I. I want time to slow down. I love being a mom and love having her little. This is a park we go to often. She loves to walk up this hill. It looks like it's far up but it's not. It gives me a little exercise and she enjoys it.
Here's the view. The park is at the bottom.
This looks a little dangerous but she was fine. She climbed right down. My athletic girl already rock climbing :) I'm going to miss these moments but I'm sure Carter will be excited to join us someday.

Moments with my Joce

Jocelynn tells me daily she has a baby in her tummy. She usually puts her bears underneath but I think this time it was a sweater. She's going through the awkward smile stage. She says "cheese" but it's kind of fake. She just wants me to take the picture.
At home she loves to do crafts. Usually keeps her busy for . . . 10 minutes :) This is fun for her. The finger gel is clear and when you color the page it turns colors.
Jocelynn has been drawing faces and balloons lately. This was the first picture I saw she drew and I couldn't believe it. It was a proud mommy moment. She was proud of herself also. If you look closely it's a face with a body!
We put sunflower seeds in the birdhouse she painted and hung it on a tree outside. She likes to look to see if there are birds in there. It's hanging directly above the ladder.

Dressing Up

Jocelynn doesn't dress up much but when she does it's so cute. She twirls around, smiling and looks at herself in the mirror. After minutes, she says "mom can you take this off please." I think she really likes dressing up when her friends are over.
On this particular day Olivia and her parents came over for dinner. Jocelynn and her are 3 weeks apart. I remember visiting Olivia when she was 2 weeks old and Jocelynn was still in my tummy. They love to play together and it was fun to see them dress up and pose for the camera.
Cute girls hugging. They looks so old here.
Hip action and everything. This was so funny!
Jocelynn wanted to pose after and this is what she gave me. So sweet!