Monday, May 27, 2013

Gender reveal Party

 Since my sisters were going to be here, we decided to have a gender reveal party. I kept the envelope in my closet for a couple weeks. I sort of just forgot about it and knew it would be so fun to all do this together. The kids were so excited to see what people thought it was going to be. As soon as the doorbell would ring they would run to the front door.
 Family came over and we had tacos.

 My mom made these beautiful, yummy cupcakes.
 Decorated in pink and blue

 My sisters and I.

Final score  - 10 girls 11 boys

 I went to Albertsons with this decorated box, tape and the envelope. I explained to them that if it was a boy put blue balloons and if it was a girl put pink. My friend picked it up and made sure it was sealed and put it in the garage.
 Everyone at the party. My best friend Melinda was here. I need to get that picture, I'm sure I took one with her.

 The balloons came out and they were blue! Jocelynn looked a little surprised.
 Uncle Jason and Carter
 Jordyn and Jocelynn made signs around the house.

 That evening Jocelynn cried and it broke my heart. I knew she was hoping for a sister but I also know that this is what Heavenly Father has planned for our family and this little boy is meant to be with us. She will love him! She told me she had a present she had made for me. I opened it and it was a baby girl headband. She said she was just thinking of us doing stuff together and her sister and her playing with girl stuff. I explained to her how much she will love him!

I was happy for Carter and James to have another boy around. I'm excited to also have another boy to love! Jocelynn and I will be close and we will have so much fun together!

Easter at mom and dad's house

 Easter at mom and dad's house. My mom does a great job. She even made these cute chicks.

 Rice crispy nests with jelly bean eggs.

Katrina made some yummy cookies.

 Three cousins that have a great time together!

My mom and dad had a great lesson and I brought this garden we made for FHE and the kids got to see it!

Happy Easter!

 The kids woke up to eggs everywhere.
 They were both so excited!
 Before church, posing with their cute Easter outfits!

 Silly picture!

 Carter put his hand in his pocket on his own. Love it!

 They love each other and it's so sweet to see them together like this!

10 Year Anniversary Trip to Washington DC

 10 years has gone by fast but when I think about all that we have gone through, trials and triumphs time still went by way too fast. The love I have for this man is really too hard to describe. He would do anything for me and protects me and takes care of me. I'm grateful I made the decision to marry him. I love how caring and concerned he gets about me. He used to follow me home, the days we were dating so that I wouldn't drive home late alone. When we got married and I left for work at 5am he would always be watching me drive away from the window. He has worked hard so that I can stay home with my children. He has a gentle, kind, compassionate spirit. He even picks up spiders in our house and takes them outside where they belong. (I don't like to kill spiders either, unless I feel threatened) That's the kind of man I need. He is such a great father to my children. He never skips giving them a bath and loves to cook for them, they love dads cooking. I could go on and on but as we were celebrating our 10 years we thought back to when we got married. We didn't have much money to go on a honeymoon so we went down to San Diego to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. We were in love, we just wanted to be together. We still are madly in love but with kids, and working so hard we both felt that it was time for us to be away together for a week. This has never happened. The longest we have been away was a couple years ago we went to Oregon for 3 days. A week seemed like a long time. We wanted to stay in the US and wanted to go somewhere where we would keep busy. I love the sun but being pregnant I did not want to be hanging out feeling fat in a swimsuit. I felt like going to New York or Washington DC. James wanted to go to DC so we agreed that was where we would go. It's easy to convince yourself not to. Many times we almost didn't book it. We both agreed though that this was needed for us and especially since another baby was coming, it would be years since we got this opportunity to go. My mom had Spring Break and her and Melinda said they would watch the kids. My kids have spent the night at both places and love them so I knew that they would be just fine with them. So on March 22, 2013 we left on our flight to Washington DC. We left at 930pm and got to DC 5am. I was exhausted!

We got there Saturday and rented a car to get to DC. We drove to the temple in Maryland since we had a car. It was a beautiful temple all lit up. It was still a little dark when we got there. It was surrounded by trees and it was a great session. The temple president spoke to us before and I was happy we started our vacation off this way. I started to feel sick afterwards and James phone was dead. I think I was just so tired. We went to the visiting center and was able to watch a movie while his phone charged. I fell asleep. 

We got to check into our hotel around 3pm and I slept until 7pm. Then we went across the street to eat at a Pakistan restaurant. It was really good. I love this about James also. We love to try new restaurants and eat new food.

These sweet notes I found in my backpack from Jocelynn.

Sunday we went to church and ate at another restaurant called El Pollo Rico. It was yummy. It was cold and looking like it was going to rain. Since we still had the car we went to the shopping center and I saw Old Navy. Every store had their Spring items out but at Old Navy there was a clearance bin of beanies, gloves, and scarves so I got some of those for a couple dollars for the week. 

Monday we got up and went to get on the metro for the first time. I remember how fast I thought it was going. It was a little confusing but we kept asking others and figured it out. We were on our way to the Capitol.

This day it rained but it was fun walking in the rain. At the Capitol we learned so much and I really enjoyed the tour. 

We also went to the Library of Congress and loved seeing the pretty artwork. It was neat learning about it all also.

We then went to the Library of Congress and had another tour.

It was raining, and cold.

United States Botanical garden had beautiful flowers.

Tuesday: Air and Space Museum

National Museum of Natural history

We went into the Photography room and after seeing this pic I was missing the kids.
James favorite photo.

We also walked to all the memorials this day.

Abraham Lincoln memorial. I liked this one and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Favorite quote
Walking together

Smithsonian Museum
African Art Museum - we saw so much this day. It was a great day but we were tired when we got back!

Wednesday - Walked to the White house. it was closed for tours because of the sequester.

We also went to the Spy Museum and Chinatown. 

National Gallery of Art. I was tired so didn't walk it all. James walked around while I sat. We also got some souvenirs.

From the train.

Thursday we slept in and then went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It was neat to see how they print and make the money.
We had such a memorable time together. It doesn't matter where we are in the world, James and I have a great time. This was a great memory we experienced together and we will always remember!