Monday, September 30, 2013

Jocelynn's Dance Recital

 Jocelynn had her 2nd dance recital! She did awesome! This time we got the first row. Dad came early to help set up chairs and got to put tape where we wanted to sit. I loved watching her. She wasn't even nervous! We were so proud of her. She had 2 dances and looked so cute!
 Jocelynn and Jordyn
 Jocelynn, Karly, and Brinley
 We got her flowers and a balloon to give her after her performance.

 Jocelynn and her dance teacher Ms Kaci! Great job Jocelynn!

Dinner and Entertainment

 Every year grandma's church puts on a nice dinner and entertainment. This year the music director played the piano and  2 young girls sang. The theme was around the world so we got appetizers, main dish and dessert from all over.                                          

Monday, September 23, 2013

Amy's Farm

 On a Saturday we decided to take a tour at Amy's Farm. During this tour you got to feed the animals and milk a cow. It was a hot day but we had a great time.
 This cat Jocelynn and Carter loved to pet.
 We first went to the garden and got to look at everything growing. It made me want to have a garden. Then we picked some stuff from the garden and went to feed it to the pigs and chickens.

 Feeding the chickens

 Feeding the Pigs!

 Feeding a turkey
 Petting the sheep and lamb

 The horse licked Jocelynn on the arm
 This was so neat, milking the cow

 This cows tongue kept hanging out of it's mouth and it was so funny! Afterwards we went out to eat for lunch!

Graduation from Kindergarten!

The year flew by so fast. You've grown so much! You had a great year and Mrs Balderas was a great teacher. It wasn't always easy getting you to school by 7:30am but I loved that you got out at 11:30am. We took advantage of this time and would often go to Disneyland afterwards. After graduation we went to Disneyland to celebrate!

 Jocelynn and Mrs Balderas

 Jocelynn and Emily C

Jocelynn and Elena

 Jocelynn and Spencer

You wore your cap and we got a few pics with some fun characters!

 We went to it's a Bugs life movie

 I love to see you two hold hands!

 This is the first time we have ever got some snack at Disneyland! When you heard me ask for the bucket your face lit up! You were so excited. It was so fun! We went on the Toy Story ride afterwards and you dropped your popcorn everywhere. You were such a good sport though. I said we would put more in it when we got home!

 It was a wonderful day and we saw a lot of new things and did a lot of new things at Disneyland! We love you Jocelynn and we are so proud of your hard work in school!