Sunday, June 1, 2014

Park, bath, play!

 Jaxon loved playing with this toy.
 Juliette was trying to stand up and pinched Jaxon's shoulder as she was getting up.

 At the park with friends.

 He loves the bath!

 Jaxon and his mommy
 Happy boy that drools a lot!

Went for a walk with my favorite little boys!

Jaxon sick

 Carter likes to climb in bed with his sister. This is how I found him one night.
 Jaxon was coughing a lot. I took him to the doctors and she was glad I brought him in. He had Bronchiolitis. I had to put him on the breathing treatment a couple times a day. He would get these bad coughs and couldn't stop.
 At first he didn't mind it but I had to hold it for 10 minutes. He is the first of my kids to have this.

 My poor baby. He wanted it off.

 Sweet boy holding his bottle.

 Another night of Carter joining Jocelynn.
Fun riding bikes with friends!

5 months

 He tried rice cereal for the first time and he was my first baby to not really like it. I think I used oatmeal first though. 

Big boy! 

Happy New Year and the Tooth fairy

 Jocelynn lost her first tooth. Her adult teeth were growing behind it, which made her tooth really loose. She was so excited when it came out! I made her this tooth fairy pillow and she loves it! I thought it came out so cute!
 The tooth fairy left her $2

 Jocelynn loves to hold Jaxon

 Jaxon being bothered by his older brother

We went to Dennys on New Years Eve with my parents! We got home and the kids bang pots and pans early and then we went to bed!