Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lots of alone time with my little boy

 Jocelynn is at school 4 hrs everyday. We have lots of alone time together. It's nice to have this time together. He entertains himself pretty well. If he's fed he's happy. He loves to climb into everything. 
 It's been so hot outside. We've had lots of days of swimming with Grandma. 

Carter and Paytin: Best friends just like their moms

 Carter writing like his sister. This picture he is drawing sharks and dolphins

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Day of School

We had her clothes out the night before. She was so excited, not even nervous. I was surprised because I thought for sure she would cry or not want to go but it was actually the opposite. She met the teacher on Monday and she walked right into her classroom. She knew she was going in without me and just walked right in. The night before Daddy gave her a special Father's blessing. I remember him talking about having courage, being an example, and having fun. We had her clothes laid out, she went to bed early and my visiting teacher was coming over to watch Carter so James and I could go with her. We were all so excited.
She woke up at 615am. We had pancakes and she looked so cute in her dress and new shoes. She loved her Minnie backpack also!

I think this will be a yearly tradition by the school sign. The gates were open and we went right into her classroom. her teacher had activities for us to do with Jocelynn. We showed her the bathroom, her cubby and did some other games with her. We read some books with her on the rug. She made a friend named Rylie. She came up to Jocelynn and said Hi, I'm Rylie. I was telling Jocelynn what to say. She asked her if she wanted to read with her. Rylie said yes and they sat together. I couldn't believe how old my girl was. I told James we should slip out because she was doing well. He didn't want to leave her. He said "A couple more minutes." He was just watching her. I love how in love he is with her. He loves his little girl. We left and I was so happy that she did so well. When I got home I remember thinking "wow, I have this amount of time everyday!" She cried Friday morning when she woke up and going into school. It was hard. This was her 3rd day of school. I was thinking oh man am I going to have to hear this complaining every morning. I worried about her all day. She told me when I picked her up she cried in line and then she stopped when they were on the rug. She made a sweet friend named Elena that day and she hasn't cried since so hopefully that is the end of that. I'm so excited for her to learn and go to school. James and I both love school and learning and we hope she does also!

 She loves her Daddy so much and he is in love with his little girl!

 She is so excited! I love it because I don't always see her like this!

 The K hat she made on her first day of school!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My baby is going to Kindergarten

 The past couple of days my thoughts have been on this little girl. Thinking about how quickly our time together at home has past and all the memories and moments of learning we have shared. I prayed and had sleepless nights for months about whether or not to start her. She is an October birthday so I could have waited. Seeing how she interacts with the other kids, how well she reads, and knows her math. We decided it was time for her and a very hard decision. I'm looking forward to more memories with her. I'm looking forward to volunteering in her classroom, to seeing her excitement to show us her classroom, her confidence to introduce us to her new friends. I'm not looking forward to being home on her first day of school, wondering how she was doing, was everyone being nice to her, would she speak up if she had to use the restroom. The principal called last week to tell me she was moved to morning Kindergarten. She knew several kids from afternoon so it makes me a little nervous but I know she will make new friends and love school! I couldn't help but reflect over these past 5 years. The best years of my life. There's a lot I've done without because I chose to stay home but so many moments in my heart that have made me grow as a person.
  • the first year of Jocelynn's life, lots of tears and walks in the stroller
  • Trips to Disneyland and the park
  • Hiking up the hill at the McKinley park
  • playdates
  • Painting, coloring
  • Preschool
  • Realizing how important your sleep is
  • taking naps together 
  • time outs
  • Leaving a store early because you are throwing a tantrum
  • Swimming lessons
  • Gymnastics
  • Soccer
  • Taking you to see the Easter bunny and Santa
  • Going to the mall to walk around
  • Chick Fil A
  • Cooking

I love this song below. Reminds me of how I feel for both of my children. 
Stand Still by Hillary Weeks
I’ve been taking pictures for a long, long timeSome are on paper – but most are in my mindSnapshots and memories of the days when you were youngI plan to keep themLong after you’ve grown and goneI remember watching as you took your first stepSeems the clock’s been running faster ever sinceEvery day a little taller, it says so on the wallThe days are passingAnd they’re not going to stopAnd if I couldI wouldAsk time to stand stillSo I could hold you a little longer
I'd make the minutes stopSo we would always have todayI won’t let the sun go downUntil you know how I feelI love you so muchI wish time could stand stillFingerprints all over the sliding glass doorAnd I can barely see underneath the toys on the floorI have wished away the sleepless nights, the noise and the messes madeBut my heart reminds meI'm gonna miss these daysSo if I couldI wouldAsk time to stand still

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Carter is Two

 So hard to believe. These past 2 years have flown. This weekend Jocelynn was sick with the flu. She had been up the night before till 4am. I was so tired. We didn't celebrate it on his birthday. I just made cinnamon rolls in the morning and he was a happy boy!
 Thursday everyone was feeling better so we had my parents and grandma over for some cupcakes and ice cream. I blew up balloons and had a happy Birthday sign and hat. 

 Opening presents!

 He loves these people and they love him!

 I made fish cupcakes. 

 It was funny when he blowed the candles out because his teeth were in the way so my dad squeezed his cheeks and he was able to blow. 

  • Loves dinosaurs (Dino Dan and T Rex)
  • Talks really good. He talks about everything. It's kind of funny. He loves to talk to his Daddy about his day before bed
  • Likes to tease. Jocie will tell him something and he says No Joce. She does not like that
  • Loves ice cream, popcorn and candy. He calls a lollipop an otter pop.
  • Loves his sister although they fight more now. 
  • Doing better with sharing
  • Pretty good eater if he's hungry enough. He will try to eat something not good for him but I have to tell him no.
  • He will get into anything without asking. i often hear the chair moving downstairs 
  • Climbs on everything
  • Likes to give kisses, all day long
  • pooped on the toilet once
  • loves books
  • loves to jump
  • loves to swim
  • loves to take a bath
  • chews gum and swallows it, not ready for that
  • Favorite friends, Paytin and Nathan
  • naps around 1130-100
  • bedtime 7pm-630
  • Hates his teeth brushed
  • people smile and talk to him he turns his head and smiles shyly
  • loves his cousins
  • calls swim suit, swim soup
  • In time out several times a day
  • doesn't throw tantrums for more then a couple minutes
  • Easy going
  • Usually in time out for throwing or hitting
We love our boy and so happy he is a part of our family!

Popsicles, Painting and Projects

 The kids were sick for a week. They were both better but wanted to wait 24 hrs before going anywhere. We played in the garage and had popsicles. 

 Painted birdhouses and mixed colors.
 BEfore they got sick we went to Amy's Farm in Chino. They loved seeing all the animals. Here's a few with the rabbits.

 Cute tractor!

 Jocelynn and I had some books at the library about water. We talked about evaporation, I thought she'd understand better if we did a little project. Filled water, ziploc the bag and put it out in the sun. Hours later we went outside and the cotton balls were wet like the clouds get. They get so full of water that it starts to rain. I think she understood better.
 Jocelynn has been taking pictures since she was 2. She randomly takes pictures. Here a couple I found on my camera.

"What a Wonderful World"


My sister came to Cali for a week before going to Utah for our family reunion. We had a great time together. Jordyn turned 12 and got her ears pierced. I'm so glad that Jocelynn has her to look up to. Jordyn is such a sweet, caring good girl.
 After - she didn't even scream
 Carter trying on glasses, silly boy
 These 2 had the best time together! They were so cute! THey are 4 months apart
 We went to the beach, hoping to have  a bonfire but the pits were all taken. We had a great time visiting

Digging in the sand

 Boys playing a game!

 Everyone was laughing so hard. Carter thought he was pretty funny also! Cousins dressed up!

 I have a picture of Jaeger pushing Jocelynn in a baby stroller when she was 2 so it was funny to see them doing it again.
 On our way to the reunion, we went and saw the play the Aladdin. It was an outside amphitheater in St George. It doesn't start till the sun goes down because it was outside, which was about 9pm. It was awesome though. I really enjoy plays. It was a little different and at one part it was 3D. Jocelynn loved it and I was glad she was able to experience it! THanks MOm!

 I didn't get any pics of Z :(. They are 2nd cousins

 The theme of the reunion was "What a Wonderful World." My grandma talked about the rainbow and each family was a different color. She had my sister sing, "What a Wonderful World." My grandma has stage 4 cancer and is an inspiration. She is always positive and happy even though I know she doesn't always feel it. 
 These are my cousins I haven't seen since they were little.
 Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Ray
 My cousin Krystal and I

 Each day went by so fast. We stayed in college dorms and were outside visiting the whole time. We played volleyball and softball and the kids went on the slipping slide. So much fun!

 Carter fell asleep the whole time they were on the slipping slide.
 Friday evening we talked about special memories with Grandma. The kids drew pictures and sang the song "What a Wonderful World." Whenever I hear that song I will always think of my grandma. Great memories!