Sunday, June 29, 2008


James got me this for my birthday. This fruit was so good! Thanks James, I love u!

"The Cliff"

James and I went out Saturday night for my birthday. We went to "The Cliff" in Laguna Beach. 

The food was okay but the view was really nice. 

We got there right when the sun was going down. This was the view from where we were sitting. Afterwards, we went to the movies and saw "Wall-E." It was funny! A political statement was definitely being made about our environment. Thanks Jess and Keven for watching Jocelynn! We appreciate it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Jamie has always been such a great older sister. We used to share a room growing up. I would always wake up scared and she would let me come into bed with her. She was so nice to me.  In High School she was always there, even my last few years when she moved away. 
We are exactly 2 years and one day apart. Growing up, people used to think we were twins at CJs Market.
She is a great mother to her 4 children. When I had Jocelynn, I called her crying when I came home from the hospital because Jocelynn wouldn't stop crying. Jamie got in her car and drove to CA. She showed up at my door and it was such a nice surprise. That shows you what a great sister I have. Hope your day was great Jamie!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We LOVE the Beach!

Every summer, when I worked at the High School my mom and I would go to the beach on Fridays. Now that she is off for the summer and I am home, we are excited to be able to do that again, but now bring Jocelynn along.  Jocelynn liked the sand (she didn't even put it in her mouth).
She was definitely exhausted because she is usually asleep at this time. The sun, cool breeze, and sound of the ocean definitely made her sleepy. We had a good time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I always knew that James would be a wonderful father! That was a characteristic I loved about him when we were dating. I thought to myself "he would be a good father to my children someday!" He is gentle, kind, and funny. He loves Jocelynn. From the moment she was born, he was good about getting her to sleep. She always felt at ease in the arms of her dad! He has always been a concerned dad. The first night she was home from the hospital, it was 2am and she would not stop crying, my mom was spending the night and between the both of us she wouldn't stop, James half asleep gets up from the bed and said "Does she have socks on?" I know if I'm not feeling good I want to wear socks! We could not stop laughing!
Jocelynn got up at 530am on Fathers Day. I fed her and she went back to sleep. I decided to stay up and make him breakfast in bed: cheese and bell pepper omelette, sausage, hash browns, crescent, apple crepe, fruit, and orange juice. He enjoyed it.
Jocelynn loves the minute James gets home from work. They just play and play.

This was after church one Sunday, we were all exhausted and all took a nap together.
Happy Fathers Day, James! We love u!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Introducing . . .Mr. Preston Micheal Kirk

The newest member of our family!
Preston was born today at 4:31am. 
Weight: 8 pounds 7 ounces
Height: 22 inches
Mommy and baby are doing great!
My brother is a proud daddy!

Jocelynn is no longer the baby. He is so cute and I am so proud to be his aunt!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Play Dough and Beans!

I remember being in a child development class and hearing that different textures are very stimulating to babies. I forgot about that but my sister Jamie, reminded me of the fun that I could have with her. So we had some fun with play dough and beans. Of course we had to be close to her so she wouldn't put it in her mouth but she really liked squeezing the play dough in her fingers. This is a great recipe. (That is drool on her shirt, I guess it looked good to eat)
Play Dough Recipe:
Flour - 3 cups
Salt - 1 and 1/2 cups
Water - 3 cups
Veg. Oil - 2 TB
Cream of Tartar - 1 TB

Stir ingredients in a pan on the stove and mix until it forms a ball.
We bought these beans for our food storage. :) We haven't canned them yet so we decided to have Jocelynn play in them. We decided we would still eat them if we were really hungry. She wasn't quite sure what to do with them.
She closes her fists and tightens her legs when she is really excited. Thanks Jamie . . .Jocelynn thanks u too!

8 Years and 8 months!

8 years ago today, James and I had our first kiss. Crazy I remember the date but what can I say . . . "He had me from hello :)" Time has just flown by. 
  • Speaking of kiss, Jocelynn has learned to give kisses and it is the sweetest thing. She is 8 months today and makes us so happy. She gives herself kisses in the mirror. I'm not sure if she thinks she's kissing someone or is she knows its her. :) 

  • Jocelynn has become a professional crawler. She is all over the place and I love it. She will crawl as fast as she can down the hall laughing because she knows I'm going to get her. I'll say "I'm gonna get cha" and she lets out a laugh. She crawls through chairs, over people and anything in her way. She also crawls with her tongue sticking out.
  • She is standing up now. She looks too little to be doing this but she is. Someone from church gave me this table and she loves it, it's a perfect height.
  • She says "Dadadadada."
  • She puckers her lips and blows air out her nose
  • Got her 3rd tooth and 4th one has almost peeked through
  • Loves all food. Eats rice, watermelon, potatoes, egg yolk, green beans
  • Started taking 2 long naps
  • Favorite Book: "Smile and Chicka Chicka ABC"
  • Favorite Song: "The Wheels on the Bus"
  • Favorite Nursery Rhyme: Patty Cake
  • Favorite DVD: Signing Time
  • Gets scared easily (James was playing Peek a boo with her and she was laughing but then he said Peek a boo again and it scared her. She let out a scream, it was funny but sad too.)
  • Observant and quiet in a new environment
  • If hungry or tired wants mom or dad
She loves the water (bath tub and pool). She makes her dad and I so happy. She has us laughing all the time. I don't remember what life was like without her, it's like we've known her all along!