Friday, January 29, 2010

First trimester over

Sorry for the head turn. Photo program not on my computer anymore. Is there any other way to turn it? First trimester was a tough one. I was so busy, exhausted and sick. Very different from when I was pregnant with Jocelynn. I'm 14 weeks now. Starting showing when I was 8 weeks. I feel huge. I'm so excited to have another baby. Can't wait till he or she is here. Now that the first trimester is over I feel great.

Potty Trained

The hard drive on my computer crashed. We don't have the photo program so I can't turn my pics. Haven't posted in awhile so sorry you have to turn your head. Jocelynn has been potty trained for a couple weeks now. It's exciting as a mom to see how confident she feels for going potty like a big girl. As a first time mom at this I had no idea what I was doing. Here's a little bit of our journey for potty training. February 2009, at 16 months was the first time she told me she had to go potty and we sat on the toilet and she actually did! I thought well, we'll just try it out every once in awhile and maybe she'll get used to it. I got the toilet seat and the small toilet chair. We first starting trying every night before bath. Then we would try every couple of hours. She started to hold it longer. At first it was hard for me because it was so convenient for diapers but now that she's in underwear, it's much more convenient for her to wear underwear. By a year and a half she would hold it and knew to go potty on the toilet. Going #2 was a lot harder. I didn't want to push her but knew that she understood and just needed some encouragement. The holidays were so busy and I was always gone. I knew I needed at least 4 days of being home with her. After Christmas I stayed home and she held her poop for 2 days but then as she was about to go I ran her to the toilet and she went and saw how easy it was and the rest is history. She has no accidents and it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. She is still in pull ups at night but has been waking up to go the bathroom.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bye bye Crib!

I've had this bed for about 6 months but haven't had the guts to put her in it yet. I think change is harder on her dad and I then it is for her. She just slept so well in her crib that I was afraid that it would mess up how well she sleeps. I knew it was time though. The first day, I put her in her bed and she lay there frozen in her bed, confused. It was priceless the look on her face. It was silent for 2 minutes, then I heard talking and then I heard footsteps. I see her running in the hall, she grabbed a toothbrush and ran back in her room. It was cute. Then I peek in her room and she's doing headstands and somersaults. I thought "Here we go!" I put her in bed and after 13 walks to her bed and 30 minutes, she finally said Good night and went to bed. That night and then after she has gone right to sleep! I can't believe how well it has gone. I thought for sure she would get out of bed but she hasn't. A couple nights she rolled out of bed and even said to me at 3am "That was scary mom!" Eventually we will need a bigger bed but this will have to do for now. She's growing up.

Ultrasound pics

We went into our first ultrasound appointment on Dec. 15. The Doctor says to us, everything looks fine except I'm concerned about this line going through your amniotic sac. She said "this usually means that the sac is breaking away from your uterine wall and you may miscarry." Of course, not what I wanted to hear. I haven't been bleeding but had been cramping a lot so was not happy. She asked me if I work out and said for the next 2 weeks to not work out and come back in 2 weeks and they'll check it out again. She said not to worry about it but how could younot. Any pain I felt I was terrified that I was going to lose the baby. This pregnancy in the first trimester has been completely different then Jocelynn's pregnancy. Been very sick and nothing sounds good. I lost 2 pounds when I went back in 2 weeks, probably because I was so stressed. When I went back she gave me the above shot. I remember there being more space on the other side of the line but that's probably because the ultrasound device can expand the image.
We went back and she has no further concerns. I was happy and very relieved. I'm actually finally starting to get my energy back!

Goodbye 2009

2009 was an amazing year. This year was my favorite age that Jocelynn was in. We had the best time everyday, going places and creating memories. I didn't want it to end. 2009 was of course not perfect. James being gone on the weekends for school and busy many nights during the week was not always easy but we pulled through. The economy hasn't been easy either, not for James job but because we are one of the many home owners that bought in 2005. We all have trials, there's always more we want as individuals and for our families. It's easy to compare yourself with others but I can truly say, after experiencing the pain my friend has felt from losing his wife, none of it matters. I have my family right now at this moment and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Jocelynn won't remember all the toys she has or the space she has to play . . . but she will remember the fun times we have together as a family. A couple goals I completed in 2009.
  • Work out a couple times a week and participate in Sprint Triathlon
  • Print out 2008 blog book
  • Organize garage and put up shelves
  • Cook and have family dinner 5 times a week
  • Family Home evening Monday nights
  • Took Jocelynn to library

I'm excited for 2010 and what's in store for us. Here are some goals for 2010

  • Start taking classes again to pursue Speech pathology
  • Participate in some kind of race after the baby is born
  • Print out 2009 blog book
  • Finish Jocelynn's scrapbook
  • Don't gain more then 30 pounds while pregnant
  • Work more with Jocelynn on fun preschool activities
  • Learn to sew
Family goals
  • Sunday walks and no Tv on Sundays
  • Read scriptures more

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas 2009

This year Christmas really went by too fast. I cooked the first week of the month, the second week I was busy preparing to cater a Christmas party, and the third week I was getting ready to leave to Wyoming. In the middle of everything, sick from being pregnant. I tried to enjoy it but there was a lot I didn't do that I would have liked. Next year, I won't be as busy. I loved her Christmas pajamas. They looked so cute on her.
I didn't think Jocelynn would understand Santa the way she did. Everytime we would see him at the store or if he was decorated on someone's house she would yell out "Santa!" (although she didn't want to be close to him). The day before Christmas, we had been talking about Santa and I think she thought someone was at the door and thought it was Santa and ran with a scared look on her face to her Dad. We couldn't stop laughing. We then had to explain to her that Santa comes in the night while you sleep, I think she was relieved.
When she went to bed that night we put a cookie and milk out for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer. She liked that part. In the morning, I think she was afraid that Santa was by the tree but when she peeked around the corner, she was thrilled. She immediately got on the horse. After presents, we explained the "true" meaning of Christmas and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.
We went to my mom and dads for breakfast and then came over later for dinner. Here are some of the cousins. Jocelynn loves her boy cousins. They all play so well together.
An attempt to get a family shot.
Tyler and Jocelynn are 9 months apart and very close. Jocelynn looks up to Tyler a lot and thinks he's so funny. She follows him around everywhere. They could not stop hugging each other in these pictures. Too cute!
The picture below was 2 years ago. Can't believe how big they both are. (Tyler's arms around Jocelynn so cute!)