Friday, October 25, 2013

Lola Visiting Us

 Jocelynn and Carter love to hold Jaxon!

 James mom (Lola) came to visit us when Jaxon was 6 weeks old. We loved having her here. She was here from Sunday to Thursday. It was nice having her here to hold the baby and she cooked everyday. James loved having her cook all the food he had when he was younger. She cooked lumpia, pancit, fried rice, sour soup,  and adobo. It was yummy and nice to not have to cook. The last time we saw her was when Carter was 4 months old. We loved having her here!

Watching Lola cook!

 Carter is a good helper. He grabbed the windex and some toilet paper and started washing the windows.
 Jocelynn was so excited to feed him a bottle

Thursday, October 24, 2013


 One Friday I took Jocelynn and Carter to Disneyland and James stayed home with Jaxon. We had a great time together. We got to watch the firework show and got to have some ice cream. Carter feel asleep going to the car. 

Jaxon's first time at Disneyland

Memorial Day James had the day off and our passes were open. We got there right when it opened and it wasn't crowded until 1030am. It was Jaxon's first time at Disneyland. 

 They loved going on a ride with their Dad.

They got to go on this roller coaster for the first time. Joce was scared before she went on and Carter  was excited. When they were done, Joce loved it and Carter said it was too fast.

 Time for all of us to eat.

 Jaxon loved its a small world.

 He loved riding in the baby bjorn

 We had a great morning at the happiest place on earth.

1 month

 The first month past by so fast. He's a good baby and a big boy. At one month he was already in 3 month clothes. 

He had blocked tear ducts and I felt so bad for his eyes. They were so red and irritated from being wiped so many times. Many times he would wake up and they were closed shut. I had to keep putting pressure on his tear duct to open it up. We love this boy and he has brought us so much joy!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jaxon sleeping, playing, and in the bath

 Grandma came over one night. James was at my dad's house watching TV. It was nice having her over and holding the baby!