Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family in Phoenix!

We have been wanting to go to Arizona for awhile now to visit James' family but we finally went this past weekend. This is the first long drive with Jocelynn so we weren't sure what to expect but she did a great job. We brought our portable DVD and her favorite DVDs (Signing Time), which made her happy for a little bit. We also stopped half way and laid a blanket out so she could play.
Jocelynn loved James' sister, Jeanette. She is really good with babies and Jocelynn loved playing with her. 
Friday evening we went to eat some Filipino food at "Casa Filipina." It was so good and Janessa and Keona sang some karaoke. 
Here's a group shot!
Jocelynn didn't sleep too well Friday night. She woke up at 4am and we couldn't get her back to sleep til 5:30am. She had a long nap Saturday and slept great Saturday night (about 11 hours). 

Saturday morning at 6am Jeanette and I went hiking. Jeanette goes to this place often and it is beautiful! I forgot my camera but will take a picture next time.  It overlooks the whole city and it was a good workout.

Soccer, Football, and Fun!!!

Saturday we went to Keona's soccer game. She did a great job and made her aunt proud! :) 
Jocelynn played in the dirt and grass during the game.
Later in the day, we went and saw Jaylon's football game. It's always fun to watch him play and we got to see him score a touchdown!
Jocelynn was fussy during this time because she was tired and her aunt kept her entertained.
We love going to Arizona and seeing our family! We can't wait to go again!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tom's Farm

Jocelynn has been wanting to wear my sunglasses lately. The funniest part is she leaves them on and doesn't want to take them off. She thinks she is so cool, okay, she doesn't think . . .she is cool!!!

Saturday, my sister Jessica and her husband, Keven were in Corona so we went to Tom's Farm for lunch. We had a good time walking around and eating outside.  There are different shops set up outside, face painting, carousel, train etc.

My dad felt like giving this rooster a hug! :) We had a great time! 

Friday, September 5, 2008

One more month . . .

Jocelynn is now 11 months old and it's hard to believe she will be a one year old in a month. 
This month has been a great month!! Here are the highlights:
  1. Sleeps through the night!!!! I never thought this day would come and life has been so wonderful for Mommy. I have always put her to bed around 7:30pm-8pm because I enjoy this alone time with James. She has always waken up around 5:30am to eat and then would go back to bed. Well two weeks ago she stopped waking up at 5:30am, she doesn't get up till 7am-730am.  
  2. Kids Klub - She has been going to Kids Klub at the gym for about an hour while I work out, although the past week I haven't done so well. 
  3. Car seat - Jocelynn has hated her car seat from the first time coming home from the hospital. She has a free spirit! The past month she hasn't complained as much. I guess she just realized that complaining won't do her any good so she might as well enjoy the scenery :)
  4. Molars coming in - This has been tough because top and bottom are coming in. I hate Motrin because it makes her tired so she is cranky even when she wakes up from a nap. I absolutely love the teething tablets, they are natural. It totally works!! I bought them this week and she has been happy!!
  5. She has also started to walk, although the past couple of days she is not interested in walking. She knows that she gets around better crawling.
  6. Talks a lot- She's pretty funny. Her new word is apple and "moo." 
These months have just past by so fast. My baby is growing up. I took out this onesie that I had in a box and it's hard to believe she was ever so small. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Attitude is everything!

I heard this at church on Sunday and had to share it!! I love it. This is the short version but went like this:

"One day an old lady woke up and looked in the mirror and only had three strands of hair on her head and said,"Mmmm, today I think I will braid my hair." She did and had a great day!

The second day she woke up and looked in the mirror and had two strands of hair and said,"Mmmm, today I think I will part my hair down the middle." She did and had a great day!

The third day she woke up and had only one strand of hair and said,"Mmmm, I think I will wear my hair in a pony tail today." She did and had a great day.

The next day, she woke up and had NO hair. She said,"I am sure glad I don't have to do my hair today!!" ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!