Friday, July 27, 2012

I need help with my blog design

I did it again. All I want to do is change my background like I used to. I can't do it anymore. I click on Minima and then copy and paste code to HTML but it doesn't come up. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong. I will even give you my password if you could figure it out. Thanks!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific

 When I downloaded my pics they all didn't turn so sorry for the sideways look. My sister in law got tickets to the aquarium for $6 so we decided to join them. The kids had a great time with their cousins and seeing the animals.
 Jocelynn wanted to feel the sting rays and sharks. Last year she was too scared to. Carter of course wanted to grab one. 
 Staring at the seals!

 Cute cousins! They are starting Kindergarten this year and play so well together!

 These boys love each other so much!

 We went to the lighthouse afterwards and had lunch and a little picnic. Beautiful day and a great time!

4th of July

 Love the 4th of July. BBQ, swim, parade, fireworks. It's wonderful. James has it off also. We had a great day! Pancake breakfast at the church (actually it started with a good run that morning), then off to the parade, the first one we have gone too (possibly the last). The kids liked it but cars were just driving by (nothing too exciting, I guess it was good to support the city though). Carter had a nap then we went over to my moms to swim and BBQ. My mom made these beautiful cake pops and cupcakes, which makes it even more fun. Isn't she cute? They were delicious!

 At night, we put the kids to bed upstairs and watched the fireworks from my moms room (we woke Jocelynn up). It was dark in my parents room so these pics make me laugh of my grandma. She didn't know the picture was coming and she kept saying "Its dark in here" It was a great view. Carter woke up to see the finale of the fireworks! Great times and great memories!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Making a House a Home - Sewing projects

 2 years ago I got a sewing machine. I loved it when I got it and love it still. I love it even more now that I've gotten to know it a lot in the past 6  months. My friend asked me to make her a crib sheet and these cute dolls out of the fabric. It was my first crib sheet and I loved doing it and learning and it was so easy. 
 Sewing takes a lot of time. I love it though. When my parents moved out in January I felt a little overwhelmed. For awhile we lived in boxes out of our condo, probably for about 6-7 months. Then we moved into my parent's home. I was anxious to decorate and have a place to call home. When they moved out it was feeling empty. We moved from a 950 square foot home to a 3100 square foot home. We aren't sure how long we will be here so I didn't want to go out and buy a lot of stuff but I also wanted a place where my kids felt like they had a nice home. I decided to get to work and sew. I found fabric I liked online.
 Originally I wasn't planning on the grey on the bottom but I made them too short. Making 5 panels of curtains, they are really long probably took me over 20 hours. It was a rough 6 months. I would get the kids to bed, study for an hour then work on curtains for an hour. Took me a couple months. I had to wash them iron, measure but I love them and they look beautiful. 
 I found a grey slip cover that works and I made this yellow pillow to bring out the yellow in the curtains. I have 4 more pillows to make, different fabric. 
I also painted these mattes, which I love. I have 4 of these. There are a couple more projects I've been working on, I'll post later. A later project is a wing back chair! I've saved a lot of money and I really feel like it's home! Heavenly Father answered a prayer not long ago when I asked him to help me make this house a home.


 Last year when Jocelynn was 3 she went to the dentist for the first time but I forgot to bring a camera so this year I didn't forget. She loves the dentist and the doctors office. This year when she got x rays her eyes watered a little. Jocelynn is quiet. I asked her if she was ok, one big tear rolled down her cheek and she said mom that hurt. 
 She was a little nervous but was great and got to choose a prize out of the treasure box at the end. She has beautiful white teeth, like her dad. 

Crystal Cove Camping

 In December we got a tent and a stove and a lantern. I've been wanting to go camping and take the kids camping.  James kept saying the week we went camping lets camp one night and stay in the hotel the next. I agreed, if the first night was bad. We pulled up to our site and it was a perfect location! 
As soon as we got there we (James) started putting up the tent.
This is from our tent. We had a great view! Loved it!
My hubby hammering away!

Lots of rocks to climb on

Kids ready for bed, and daddy :) They watched a movie for a little on his computer. They slept not too bad. Carter woke up 2 times the first night and was ready for the day at 6am. The second night he slept 9 straight hours. I was happy and needed it!

It was a perfect beach day. 

James work was laying people off as we were sitting here. I couldn't help but wonder and worry if he was one of them, he wasn't. His boss was let go though which was a surprise. I loved this moment as a family. So much joy! I love this man.

Jocie's swimsuit is always up her bum and I think it's so cute.
They were laying together for about 20 minutes. I thought they were going to fall asleep. It was real cute.
The warm sand felt so good. I even took a little nap.

That day "Brave" came out in the theatres so we went back to the campsite, took showers and went to the movies.

My husband is strong

Love the hands on hips

Cuties with sunglasses and backpacks on.

On our way to "Brave" they were exhausted
Our last night

As soon as I got home I was looking at other campsites. This will be a yearly thing for us, except next year will be a week! Such a great memory!