Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our busy life with little ones

Carter is growing too fast. He already rolls over and talks a ton. He likes to copy me when I stick my tongue out. He laughed at 3 weeks during his sleep but did his first lil laugh yesterday. It was too cute. It was only a little one though and I want more.
This week Joce's cousin Preston came over. She loves all her cousins and has so much fun with them. They had a great time together.

This is how busy I need to keep Jocelynn. I look at my camera and she was taking pictures of me one day and I didn't even know it. I LOVED them!! It caught the moment of what I do during the day. . . . not that I'm on the phone all day but holding Carter. She cracks me up with technology though. She knows how to work the computer, camera and James I Touch :)

Both kids are asleep. I have approx 45 minutes before Jocelynn wakes up. I should be doing homeowork but this sounds like so much more fun. Since we've been home, Joce rides her tricycle on our balcony. She also paints constantly. I'm always thinking of the next thing she can do. She's very smart and needs to be doing something constantly. At times I say you need to go play with your toys by yourself for a little and she does but we have 11 hours at home together, well 9 because she takes a nap.
We are always busy but not that we go a lot of places. Just busy with a 3 year old and 2 month old. James car broke down a week before Carter was born. I realize how much I like to go places and staying home all day long is not a lot of fun. Makes the days go by real slow.
Carter is a good baby. Very chill, he cries, don't get me wrong but has made it easy to have 2 children. Jocelynn was sick with a cold, then I was, and then Carter. That was a tough week. He was not sleeping well at all because he was so congested. I was exhausted. Happy to report he's feeling better and sleeping better also.

A friend of mine from High School came to visit us one day. It's fun having a friend, you've known for so long have a child. This is Sadie and she's too cute. We got a shot of them but they weren't too sure about it. Amazing the difference of one month.
Jocelynn has been busy doing crafts. We made puppets one day and pasta necklaces. This girl makes me tired but I try to keep up with her because she's so smart and who knows what she'll become one day if I continue to help her learn.
Life has been busy with these little ones but I love every minute of it, I really do. Jocelynn has been loving to dance and enjoys going to preschool once a week. When Carter was born she started not sleeping well. One night I woke up and we were asleep hugging in my bed. I said to James "When did that happen?" Usually if she wakes up I walk her to her room. He said "I was walking her back and you said "No its ok and you hugged her and put her in bed with you!" I must have just fed Carter and was so out of it. Although I don't have much time for myself these days, I know these years go by too fast and they will be fond memories in my heart.