Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grandma's 87th birthday!

Grandma turned 87 and we took her to the beach and rode the surreys. We decorated it a little bit and put some signs on the bike. Everyone was honking. I think the honking may have stressed her out a little haha. but I think she liked it! We made her a sash to wear. My grandma is modest and conservative! I love to give her attention because she's not the type to want it :) Everyone loves some attention though and to feel special!

It was over 100 degrees in Corona so the beach felt wonderful!
Cousins love each other. As you can see, Nathan and Carter already playing together.

Grandma got to eat dinner in a big comfy chair! Everyone was honking when they drove by!

I love my Grandma. Every special holiday and birthday I can't help but think to myself if this will be the last one. I treasure every moment with her!

LA Temple and Visitors center

It was a great day at the temple. We haven't gone to the LA temple since the day I told James I was pregnant with Carter. Time flies. It was a nice day out and we got to go to the Visitors Center. The Visitor Center is now open and is wonderful!! There's so much to see and do. After the temple we went to "Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery." It was really good. We got some lasagna, sandwich and slice of pizza and some puruvian cookies. They were so good!

Love this picture!
This was neat to have the kids sit in a wheelchair. It's something you don't really think about but we talked to Jocelynn about how there are many people that can't walk and they use this chair to get around.
We saw lots of short movie clips!

Jocelynn liked this. The kids could draw and color! You could save it and then it would post your picture on the wall.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camping in the Backyard

I've wanted for years to get into camping. I think it's a great family outing to do with kids. It's inexpensive and kids love dirt and being outside. For christmas we got a lot of camping things. Our first tent, lantern, stove! I've wanted to use the tent, at least in the backyard before we go anywhere. We still need sleeping bags, maybe for Christmas this year. Friday was a perfect day to do this. I knew Jocelynn would be so excited. Carter was going to sleep inside. My parents are inside and I also came in around 12am. It would have been hard with him in the tent so him inside was perfect. We did smores on the fire pit and pretended like we were fishing in the waterfall. We got into the tent a little later then we should have. It took Jocelynn over an hour to get to sleep. She was so excited. The next day she woke up at 630am and threw a tantrum by 8am. It was worth it though. She took a nap at 10am that day and was in bed by 6pm. It was a great memory and we look forward to doing this more.

Preschool - Busy Bee Academy

Ms Brooke read "The kissing Hand" the first day and they handed us a hand with a hershey kiss on it and we said goodbye. I love how Ms Brooke has them sit criss cross applesauce on their spot on the rug and when we pick them up she has them walk out in a line. She really prepares them for Kindergarten.
Jocelynn loves the sandbox!!

I love Busy Bee Academy. Her teacher is Ms Brooke and is wonderful. I love how organized, neat and clean everything is. She got a new rug this year and 2 new Mac computers for the kids to use. Check out her site at

When preschool got out in June, I was actually excited to have the summer with Jocelynn. I was excited not to have to take her anywhere. The last week before school started though I was ready and so was she to go back to preschool. I got her some new clothes. She has gotten so big!! She picked out her outfit and she couldn't wait!! The night before James gave her a blessing and she was excited for that. The next morning she was ready! The pictures in the front make me laugh because she was just posing and so happy. She couldn't stop talking and we get to school and she becomes all quiet! We went to the library after we picked her up and when we got home she started to get a fever! She had a great first day besides that.

A night away

James and got to get away for the night. I was so looking forward to sleeping. Carter doesn't wake up in the night to nurse anymore so we decided to stay at the Hyatt in Irvine. The kids went to bed at 7pm. We got a babysitter until 10pm, my parents got home and watched them all day the next day until 5pm. We went to the District in Irvice for dinner at Thai Bistro Cafe. IT was so good. They have so many places to eat and shops. We really didn't do much but relax in the hotel room and sleep. We got a 2pm check out and I worked out and it was wonderful. It went by too fast. Next time I need 3 nights. Looking forward to it :) Thank you mom and dad for watching the kids! They had a great time!

One year old

Still hard to believe he is one! Here's a little about him now.
  • Two naps (around 9am and 2pm)
  • Goes to bed around 7pmor 8pm)
  • Sleeps 11 hours at night
  • Says Bubble, up, duck, dog, mama
  • signs more, thank you, eat, milk, all done
  • loves books (points a picture and says "that") I think for whats that?
  • Loves to be outside
  • Walked a week before he turned one
  • still prefers to crawl
  • eats all food
  • weaned from nursing
  • doesn't like milk but we are working on it
  • momma's boy and doesn't really go to others
  • loves birds and dogs
  • 20 pounds 12 oz at 12 month appointment
  • loves his sister and loves to tackle her
  • loves to knock over her buildings (which doesn't make her happy)