Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Half Marathon

I've been wanting to do a half marathon for awhile now. When I had Jocelynn my goal was to do a Sprint Triathlon. It got me back in shape and was so fun! My goal after my 2nd child is to do a half marathon! It's gotten me back in shape and I've learned a lot through running. Running is a lot like life! At times it feels good, and can be easy, other times you feel as if you can't do it and you want to give up but if you take one step at a time and mentally tell yourself that you can do it and get through it, you do!! I was running at the gym on a treadmill and when you are running 6 miles with no music, you have a lot of time to think. I think that is why I enjoy running also, you have so much time to think about life. I prefer not to have music, I like to think and reflect on my life and the things I need to do to become better. I signed up for my first half marathon. It's Nov 12th in Santa Barbara! I'm excited! James and I will go there for the weekend and my parents will watch the kids! I think anyone can run so if it's been awhile since you've ran start slow and short and gradually increase it! You will feel so good, I promise! It's hard at first but as you continue to do it you'll love it! Running makes me feel like I can do and accomplish anything!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jessica's Baby shower

My mom and I threw Jessica a baby shower. You can obviously tell I'm not a photography. After the party I realized I got no close ups of the food. We had a good time planning the party. We had different shades of purple and the theme was "Sprinkled with Love." The picture above is Oreo truffles, So good. The picture below is pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate.
My mom made these amazing cupcakes! They looked professional!! Homemade frosting and everything. My sis in law took more pics at the shower.

I had a great time making these baby shoes filled with candy for the favors. Jess loves baby shoes and thought they'd be perfect.
Jess and her friends.
Jess with my grandma and her friend Jenny
All the yummy treats that are sprinkled with love!! Cake pops, truffles, cupcakes, pretzels dipped

It's a Girl!

Jocie loved helping. She was filling the shoes with purple chocolate kisses. It was a nice shower. We had chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and salad. We went inside for a couple games and we showed the video of Zealynn sucking her thumb. It's so cute!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


So my Jocie is so sweet but like all children she can test the boundaries at times. I know that some children test the boundaries more then others. I haven't had the easiest time with her. As parents we want our children to listen and respect authority. Well what if they don't? I have tried all kinds. Time out, spanking, taking toys away, etc. Someone in our ward speaks at conferences for Moms. Go to powerofmoms.com to check out her site. She gave a class on discipline and I learned so much. She has a clip chart she uses for her children. I asked how old the kids were when she started using that. She said 5. I was thinking man, I've got to figure something out. Time out would not work for Jocelynn. She would be in hysterics and I'd finally hug her. She hates to get in trouble. I went to my friend Melinda's house and she showed me something she did. I loved it!!!! Perfect for this age and let me tell you, it has worked wonders for the past 6 months. Jocie still tests boundaries but she quickly changes her behavior when I mention I will move her clip. Here's how it works, I think it's perfect for ages beginning 3! -

  • Jocie and I made the faces together so she was involved
  • I usually give her a warning and if she does not stop the behavior, I simply tell her I will move her clip and she will not get a sticker for the day.
  • If she moves her clip again to the sad face with the tears, then we will not read her a book before bed and no sticker.
  • If she gets 5 stickers on her chart, she picks from the toy box.
When I started this we were very consistent with it! She hates when I say I will move her clip. She's a pleaser and does not like that Daddy will see that she got her clip moved. She has been really good so we haven't had to use it. Some days she brings it up and I tell her to put 2 stickers on her chart because we've gone 2 weeks without using it. The other day though I had to use it and it worked great. I don't have to yell or get upset. I know every child is different. She loves reading books before bed so this really upsets her. I know giving our children rules is important. I know the feeling of when you feel like things are out of control or you don't feel like you have a handle on your own child. I posted this because I thought it may help someone and you could try it with your own child!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I got a text from my brother last Thursday, he is my real estate agent. The text said "it's official! :)" It was 2 words I've been waiting to hear from him for a long time. It seemed unreal, really it sold? I've learned a lot from this experience. I remember 2 years ago, at this time, writing pros and cons of selling our place. The right decision for us, was selling it. Wednesday I dropped the keys off. I took off the garage key, pool key, 2 house keys and that is when I felt the weight off my shoulders and my hands :) This scripture came to my mind. "Come unto me all that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

I'm so happy to move forward and continuing on this journey. I love my family!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My little girl is 4!!!

I really can't believe she is 4. The past 6 months she has grown so much. We had such a great day on her birthday. The past couple months hse has been excited for it and it was the first birthday she was excited for! I had party hats and balloons decorating her chair in the morning. James took the day off and went and got donuts. She had dance class in the morning and we brought the class donuts also.
After dance class, we picked up her friend Karly from church. Karly moved here a couple months ago and they are in Sunbeams together. They were both excited to go to Chuck E Cheese.
We got McDonalds and went to Churck E Cheese to play games.
Carter had a great time also!
I asked if Chuck E could come out. Jocie was excited. Later that evening we met Grandma and Grandpa Kirk at Build A Bear. Jocelynn has been looking forward to this. She has never done it before. Her older cousin has a couple bears and she was so excited to call her.
Giving the Bear a bath
Dressing the bear with Grandma.
Grandpa watched Carter while we helped Jocie.

After Build A Bear we went to the rainforest cafe for dinner. It was fun to take the kids to see the animals. Jocelynn was a little afraid of the elephants. She had this serious look on her face and kept asking if they were real. Carter kept pointing to everything and got scared of the gorillas.
Yummy dessert! I love this girl so much! James and I often find ourselves talking about her. She is such a joy and light in our lives!!

Jocelynn -
Loves to read. She knows over 30 sight words and is reading
Writes her name and letters
Needs help with scissors
Is a perfectionist
Rapunzel is her favorite princess
Loves movies
Loves dirt, bugs, being outside
Loves dresses and bows
Shy and quiet, if she doesn't know you
Needs her sleep
Goes to bed around 6pm-630pm if she didn't nap
Loves her brother and his "little head"
Loves to draw and color
Eats everything (vegetables, fruit chicken)
Favorite food - mac n cheese and corn dogs
Loves cake, cookies, candy and bread
Sweet but also can have major attitude
Likes to dress herself, excercise, say her prayers, brush her teeth, and wash her face (first thing in the morning)

Pump It Up - Gabrielle's 2nd Birthday

The kids had a great time!

Gabrielle had her 2nd borthday at Pump It Up. We went there a couple months ago for Rylin and Jordyn's birthday. Jocelynn was excited to go again, especially because now she knew what to expect. She ran right in there and had the best time!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My favorite age!

Pointing to something he sees at Rainforest Cafe!

I love this age! It is my favorite!!! I loved Jocelynn this age and now that I have a second child I can second that and confirm that I love the age between one and two! I love when they walk and are more independent and have the schedule thing down great! Eat all foods, start talking! I love this boy of mine. He has me wrapped around his little finger. He's so cuddly so sweet. I love the excitement in his eyes and face when I open the door for him to go outside. He loves to be outside. I love that I live where there is a backyard and he can play outside for a long time. He loves dirt, eating it, feeling it, throwing it. I love that he tries to talk and he now yells "Jos," which sounds like "Jaw." Here are a few more things about this sweet boy of mine I love.
  • Loves it when I chase him and say "Im going to get you"
  • Understands the word outside and loves it.
  • Transitioning to one nap but most days still takes 2. @ 10 and 230.
  • Goes to bed around 8pm
  • Sleeps till 630
  • Signs milk, drink, more, all done, water, please, thank you
  • likes to watch cartoons with Jocie or signing time
  • eats everything, not picky . . . yet
  • love it when he drinks and then takes a huge breath afterward
  • I put him to sleep every night and then lay him down. It takes 5 minutes, he knows its bedtime so he closes his eyes. I love this time with him
  • Cries with others if he doesn't know you
  • Loves balls
  • He likes to hit and throw. (I think that's a guy thing but we are working on that)
  • LOVES his sister

Blast from the past

I met two friends from High School at Grazianos. Carter and their girls are the same age. We played soccer together and on Friday's after the football games we would go to Grazianos so it was fun to go back. I always love being around them!

Jocie is in soccer. She goes every Thursday. She loves it but is not too motivated to get the ball, she runs around though and has great dribbling skills.
Jocie used to be afraid of getting her face painted. Sounds funny but anything new to this child causes a little anxiety. She wanted to try it so we did and she loved it and can't wait to do it again!
Carter's area of choice - the dirt
2nd area of choice on top of his sister!