Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day was perfect this year. James got home at 6pm and the kids were ready for bed. I had the table set for us to have a nice dinner together. I bought a steak in the shape of a heart, twice baked potato, garlic bread, manicotti, salad, and apple-pomegranite martinellis. It was so good. The kids went right to sleep and we had such a nice time together. James brought deserts home from "Tasteful Cakes." They were good.
This had a white cake and raspberry filling.

Jocie got a cupcake before bed.
I made heart shaped rice crispy treats.
Grandma and Grandpa had balloons on the table with us and a cute book.

I had lots of hearts leading down the stairs to the breakfast table. It was fun!

Homemade waffles, whip cream and strawberries.
Jocie and her Valentine Bag. I got this pink bag and hot glued the word Love. It was 60% off at Michaels and was perfect! It was a great day to let those we love know how much they mean to us!

Visiting Grandma Lane

We love grandma. We love visiting with her. I try to clean something while I'm there. Every month I see her she is looking older.
She loves Jocelynn. Jocelynn was reading to her. She always gives Jocelynn chocolate ice cream.

Grandpa's Birthday

Preston and Jocelynn are 9 months apart. They either play really well together or don't. Preston was holding her hand and running. They did this for awhile. It was so cute.
Grandpa blowing on Carter's feet.
Singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa.
This is Jeff and Katrina's foreign exchange student from Italy. She is so sweet and we met her when Carter was 5 days old. She will leave the end of the school year.
Aiden, Tyler, and Carter

Nathan loves Carter.
mmmm. Excuse me?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

6 months!

Carter is 6 months.
  • Started fruits during the 5th month. I was given it to him morning and evening. I'm going to start giving it to him lunch time also.
  • He likes vegetables more then fruit
  • Holds things and picks up objects well
  • Takes 2 naps a day.
  • Goes to bed at 7pm
  • Wakes up still 2 times in the night (usually 1am and 5am)
  • Still breastfeeding
  • Started talking a lot more
  • happy boy
  • loves to play with his sister
  • loves his sister
  • Prefers sitting up then being on his tummy
  • Is growing his hair back
  • 17 pounds 27 in
  • Still goes to anyone
  • he melts my heart
  • I could hold him and kiss him all day!
  • loves being in the stroller

Beach, bath and fun!

Jocie and her friend Kate, from preschool and church.
Carter loves the bath!
I love this pic. He always rolls over when I change his diaper and had the camera close by.
After church one day I put him in his swing and this is the first time he has ever fallen asleep in a swing. He usually doesn't like it. I love how he is holding on.
We drove down to the beach a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful. The kids played in the sand.

KIPS Gymnastics

Jocie has been going here since she was a year and a half. She has had a harder time this time. It's her first time without me. She gets so nervous when I'm not by her side. This will be good for her. She's really shy. It takes her awhile to warm up and then she's fine. It's hard on me because I just want her to be comfortable. I know it'll take time.

James 35th Birthday

For James birthday we went out to his work and went to lunch at "Simply Sharon's" Really good food. I had a burger and sweet potato fries, he had fried chicken. After work, we went out to dinner with my parents at "Twisted Gourmet" and then had cake. This is the 10th birthday we have celebrated together.

This is James' boss office.
Look at that burger!

Jocelynn drew a picture for Jocelynn. It is a picture of James and Jocelynn holding hands and balloons. He has it on his desk!

Preschool friend and Tyler's Birthday

This is Jocelynn's friend from preschool. Her name is Kate. She has come over a couple times and they have a great time together.
Playing dress up
Tyler turned 4. Family got together and celebrated his birthday.

Grandma got her guitar out and the cousins were singing together.