Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good bye Skirts!

So these skirts have some significants and today I made the decision to give them to DI. I have always loved fashion, , make up, skin care, hair ever since I was a little girl. I remember doing runway walks with my sister in the hall, and make overs etc. I used to put mayonaise in my hair and egg yolk on my face when I was younger. They are supposed to be natural ingredients that help your skin and hair. In High School I had bad acne and braces (with a missing tooth). I believe that was my time to grow beautiful in the inside. I can recall walking into a room and feeling as if everyone was looking at my face or not wanting to smile because of my missing tooth. I learned humility, empathy, sensitivity to others and self esteem comes from within. I remember after my braces were off and acne cleared up and coming to school my Junior year. I felt like a million bucks. These were a couple skirts I bought when I was feeling so good.

After High School, life went on and I got married. We were going to school, saving for a house, had kids and somewhere along the way I forgot about me. I love to shop, even window shopping and that's what I've done throughout the years. I picture the outfits I would buy and what I would wear. My sister in law Katrina gave me the motivation to make that time for me again. Check out her blog My husband has always told me to get stuff for myself but as a mom, you feel guilty. I thought to myself today, when am I going to start? I decided to get rid of these skirts that I've had for over 10 years and to go shopping. Although I don't think material things and your outward appearance is what is most important but like my sis in law said, "It gives us confidence!" and I'm all about a woman having confidence. James gets a day off of work next week and is watching the kids while I shop. I have some weight to lose from having Carter but that starts next week also. Carter is 3 months and I can start taking him to Kids Klub so I can work out. I'm really excited and can't wait to feel like I did when my acne was gone and braces were off. . . . a million bucks!

Pumpkin Patch

We've gone here every year since Jocelynn was 1. Something to look forward to. Love fall!
It was even more fun taking her this year because she is older. She loved all the pumpkins. She has a fake smile these days when I take her picture. Makes me laugh.
Goats were too full to feed. They just wanted to sleep.
She liked the bouncer.
She went on the ATV and crashed 2 and was all done! She said later "I'm not very good at driving mom!" I told her it takes practice. We had a great time.

Happy Halloween!

I was planning on making Jocelynn and Carter's Halloween costumes this year. They just didn't look right so I had a back up plan and glad I did. Jocelynn was going to be Ruby and Carter Max. It's the cartoon on nick and Jocelynn loves that show. I'll post pictures of it later. She loved being Minnie! She was very excited. This was right before we went to our ward Halloween party. They had a spook alley at the party and she kept saying, mom I want to go in there. I said ok. We got close and she said never mind!: )
My little giraffe. I thought it was a brown cow at first :)

Poor Carter. I walk out of the room and come back and he had Jocelynn's ears on. He thought it was funny!

Carving a Pumpkin

Monday we carved a pumpkin. Jocelynn loved it. It's so fun now that she's older. The pumpkin face isn't the best but I'm not an artist, Jocelynn loved it!
Thought this shirt was so cute!
Jocelynn didn't want to put her hand in it at first. I showed her how it was done. She said "EEwww!" She also said, "Mom, Ms. Brooke (her preschool teacher) said it was gooey! She was right!"

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 months

We went and visited Grandma Lane last weekend. We just had lunch and talked.

I started a co op preschool with some friends from church. Every 6 weeks the kids come over. We were doing "movement - pretend we were going to the zoo. At the end of the story you were supposed to pretend like you were sleeping. "
This month was on the 5 senses. I had smell and we made flowers with cupcake paper cups and cotton balls. I sprayed the cotton balls with perfume so their flowers smelled pretty.
Love these kids.

Jocelynn loves her brother so much. She loves to hold, hug and talk with him.

Can't believe Carter is only 2 months old. He seems so much older to me. My babies are born big so they always seem like they never go through the new born phase. At his 2 month check up he was 13 pounds 11 ounces. He's a big boy. He eats every 3-4 hours and has a long stretch in the night for 5-6 hours. He's a good baby. He talks a lot and loves my high pitch voice. He started laughing and smiles a ton. We love him. I started putting him in his bassinet after he ate and was up from 1 -2 hours. He fusses a little sometimes but for the most part goes right to sleep.

Gabrielle's 1st Birthday

This is Gabrielle when she was a month old. Gabrielle's mom passed away while giving birth to her. I used to work with Phil at the High School and we've kept in touch. Through out the year we have visited Phil and baby Gabrielle. We have some wonderful memories visiting with them.
Her theme for the party was Farm. It was the cutest party. Wish I took more decorations but it was so fun.
This is sweet Gabrielle.
This is what each child got to take home, a horse.

Daddy and Carter chillin.
There were free hay rides :)
This is Grandma Alice. Jocelynn really thinks this is her real grandma. Grandma Alice is so kind and sweet. When we would visit Phil and Gabrielle Grandma Alice was always there and would take Jocelynn for walks, make her lunch and play with her.
Gabrielle enjoyed the cake.
This backyard was amazing. They built a pirate ship in their backyard. The kids loved this.

High School Reunion Class of 2000

We had our reunion at the Double Tree hotel. I was hoping more people came then did but it was my first evening away without Carter and it was nice to get all ready. It was fun seeing old faces. There was music, dinner and awards for most kids, longest married etc. Look forward to going to the 20th.

Jocelynn's Birthday at the Park

We wanted to do something small with family and a few of Jocelynn's close friends for her birthday. Jocelynn knew that we were getting together at the park that evening so she fought taking a nap that day. On our way to set up decorations, I was singing "Today is Jocelynn's birthday! We're gonna have a good time!" I turn around and she was asleep. She slept the whole time we were setting up.
I brought little pumpkins for the kids to decorate faces.. They enjoyed that. This is Jocelynn's friend Mackenzie. They became friends when Jocelynn was a year and a half.
Jocelynn loves Melinda.
Cousin Preston drawing on his pumpkin.
Jocelynn's good friend Jordyn.
Jocelynn's other good friend Rylin.
There was a big area to play with sand toys. Cash and Preston likes this.
Jocelynn's friend Olivia. They are 3 weeks apart.
Family shot, except for Carter. He was asleep the whole time, 3 hours. Many times I forgot he was there :/. She got a bike for her birthday and was very happy!