Monday, April 29, 2013

Easter Garden, and 10 Year Anniversary

 For Family Home Evening one night we put together an Easter garden. The kids loved it and I would love to do this every year. All we needed was rocks, soil, sticks, grass seed, and a little pot and big rock. We talked about Jesus Resurrection. I'm a visual learner and I think Jocelynn really understood. It was 2 weeks before Easter and I was hoping the grass would grow.

10 amazing years. I fall in love with him more and more every year. We have grown so much individually and together. We left for Washington DC the day of our anniversary!

Carter got into my makeup eyeliner and mascara

 OUr Easter garden. The trail of rocks was to the tomb and the big rock covered the tomb. Where the soil is the grass was supposed to grow but it never did. My mom and dad had a nice devotional on Easter and was able to use this also.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy St Patricks Day!

My leprechaun decorations I found or scored at a garage sale! I love holiday decor! It's so fun for the kids and myself :) I save it every year and pull it out. Every year I get them a box of lucky charms and the leprechaun came. Peed green in the toilet, footprints all around and chairs knocked over. 

 He left them gold nuggets!

 Jocelynn left him signs on the sliding glass door. He stepped all over them. She went to school the next day and the leprechaun came to their classroom. I love the excitement and energy the holidays bring!

Piano, 17 weeks, Disneyland and Grandma

 Jocelynn started piano once a week. She is actually enjoying it. She tends to panic a little if we haven't practiced. The only time I can is when Carter's asleep because if he is awake he wants to sit at the piano with her. We practice 10 minutes at a time so it's not too much.
 Carter and his silly face

 This picture looks horrible of me but I needed to get one in. 17 weeks, Jocelynn took the picture. I've felt bigger this pregnancy, haven't been eating the best but I still love being pregnant.

 Love my kids!

Caught Carter hiding and eating marshmellows!

 At Disneyland we went to the Jedi training. Jocelynn was so cute! She was picked to go up. She wasn't sure what they were going to do because she has never watched the show. They would ask who wanted to come up and her hand was half way up as if she wasn't sure and she was jumping a little bit up and down. They called her and she went up. She was amazing and even fought Darth Vader. I was so proud of her. She is quiet and can be shy. When she came back down with her certificate she said it was her best day at Disneyland ever. I could tell she was so proud of herself. It almosts makes me cry when I see moments like that. I know these moments will continue to develop her confidence. 

I went up to go to bed and somebody was sleeping in my bed!

 At the library the policeman was there to visit. He let them in his car. When Carter got in the back he said, "okay now it's time to go to jail." Carter started to panic and wanted out. It was funny. I had to reassure him he was just kidding.

 Dorene came to see Grandma for a few days. She came with us to the park. I love the relationship these two have together!

 Paytin and Carter are the best of friends. Paytin went with us to the park one day. Carter loves her!


 Every week we go to Disneyland! I know before we know it, the year will go by and our passes will expire. I'm trying to take advantage of this time with the two of them before number 3 comes. They love it and when school is stressful it's a great escape. Jocelynn got $10 from Grandma for Christmas and decided she wanted to get an autograph book from Disneyland. I tried to convince her that it would be less expensive if we just bought it online but it was her money and I wanted her to decide. She was so excited! We brought our autograph books and got lots of pics! 

 The sun was so bright. I couldn't get a great picture but they still look cute.

Carter cracks me up with his different facial expressions. We love going on Pinochio and Snow White because the lines are never long. Carter used to close his eyes and put his hands over his ears. Lately he hasn't been doing that though.

Jocelynn was so excited to meet Rapunzel!

 One of the favorites, Tea cups! Lately we try to spin it really fast!

 We love Disneyland!