Thursday, May 31, 2012

Opportunities to Teach our children

I am always looking for ways to teach my kids. I always have a prayer within my heart that these opportunities come. I stay home with my kids so I can teach them these things. Life gets so busy that I pray that it slows down enough to have these experiences together. I know some of these experiences come from making the effort on our part. Yesterday after an already busy day of grocery shopping, preschool graduation, kids naps, and swim lessons I decided to get gas before we went by grandmas for a visit. We were on super low gas and I knew I needed to get gas before I ran out. I pulled up and a man with old clothes on asks a man for change. Originally my thought was to not make eye contact but as I turned my head I looked in the backseat and could see my daughter staring at me.

A week earlier, as a family we went to Mission Inn. Before we left I was getting a migraine and had to sit down. James said he would get the car so I didn't have to walk. There were quite a few homeless people walking around. As I was sitting there a man came up to me with missing teeth, old clothes and dirty and asked if I was ok. I thought it was very sweet, especially since everyone else was just walking past. So back to the gas station.

After my daughter's look at me I felt this was a perfect opportunity to teach. She has never seen me give someone money. After making eye contact he said do you have any change? I said let me see what I have. I pulled out a dollar and I knew my daughter was watching and handed it to him. I get in the car and she says "Mom why did you do that?" She had a ton of questions following that. "Mom go get your dollar. Do you have another one?" This was a perfect lesson for her. We begin talking about all that we have and some people don't have all that we have. We have a nice home and car and clothes and food.

I understand there are many homeless people that spend the money they get on alcohol or drugs but when we give it is because the spirit prompted us too and we don't need to be concerned about what they do with that money.

The Savior taught His disciples, “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.” 5
I believe the Savior is telling us that unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives. Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish—and in effect save their lives .Thomas S Monson"
Last night saying prayers before bed we prayed for that homeless man. I continue to pray for these opportunities to teach and that I may say the things that will touch my childrens hearts. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dos Lagos 5K and 1K

A friend of mine told me about the annual Dos Lagos in Corona 5K and 1K. Jocelynn has never been to a race to see me run. She always asks if she could come and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity and asked her if she wanted to run. She was so excited and the fact that she got a medal also was so exciting for her. The night before she kept asking questions before she went to bed. I went to Dos Lagos Friday to pick up our packets which included our numbers and a shirt. 

That night Carter woke up throwing up. I was up all night with him. At 3am I woke up James and said you've got to get Carter I need a couple hours of sleep before this race. The morning I called my mom and she came. It was nice of her to come so Jocelynn could see me run. James was bummed that he couldnt see Jcoelynn's first race but we know there will be other opportunities. 

 Stretching before the run. I ran first and I loved the smile on Jocelynn's face as she watched me run. I felt like she was really proud as she was smiling and waving to me.
 My time was 27 minutes. 

 My parents, Jessica, and grandma came to cheer her on. She was nervous when it was about to start because she didn't understand where she was running. I held her hand and we ran together when it started. I said ok I'm going to let go of your hand now, are you ready? She said yes and kept running. I of course was running watching her the whole time. I was so proud of her.

 These are the kids of the mommies I go running with.
 She told me she met a friend while running and they even held hands :) The little girl told her she had an orange tree in her backyard by her room and Jocelynn asked of she wanted to hold her hand. I don't know how she had time to talk about this.

After crossing the finish line, which we all cheered she got a medal. Jocelynn is a very quiet girl. I know these experiences will build her confidence and I look for these experiences so her self esteem will continue to rise. I was so happy to be able to do this with her. I think this will be an every year event!

Melinda's Birthday

 This is my best friend Melinda. Positive, uplifting, inspiring, spiritual friends are so important. They enrich your life, make it better. This friend of mine does that. She is an amazing friend. I feel so extremely lucky to have a friend like her in my life. I pray that Jocelynn will find that kind of friend someday. 

Melinda and I met each other at Ralphs. I saw her at a church fireside one time but never talked with her. We had several shifts at work together and were able to get to know each other there. She was there when James sent me flowers to work (signed from your secret admirer.) We were trying to decide who they were from. She has been there throughout these 12 years and couldn't imagine my life without her. She makes me a better person. 
 We went to her house for dinner on her birthday. 

 We loved being there for her birthday!! Happy Birthday Melinda! 

Muffins with Mom

 Every year at preschool Ms Brooke puts on a very cute program called Muffins with mom. The kids make invitations for this special day and I look forward to it. We sit down while our children wait on us. They ask if we want lemonade or water and bring us chocolate covered strawberries and muffins. They also sing songs and poems for us. The theme this year was flowers!

Jocelynn's friend Celah. 

 I love this sweet girl so much. 

Grandma Lane was able to join us this year. 

 At the end of the program each child gave their mom a card and beautiful 5*7 canvas picture they painted. I will cherish it forever. 

Jocelynn with her friend Gwen

Jocelynn and Ms Kimberley

Splash Park Open

We love the splash park a couple streets away from our house. It's been hot outside and the kids love getting wet. I really love Corona. Everything I need is close by. I love all the parks and community. Grandma came with us and she loves to watch the kids play. 

 Jocelynn's friend Gwen came also. They are so sweet together and play so well.

 Carter loves the water he run through it and kept running back to us saying more, more. 

 I like to go before school gets out. I know it's going to get more crowded so we need to enjoy it now. 

Jessica's visit in California

 My sister and her husband agreed to watch my brother's kids for a week while they were in Hawaii. She was going to be here for 2 weeks, for her birthday and mother's day. We love having them here. We were able to go to Time Out for Women in Long Beach and the speakers were really good. I took a lot of notes and felt inspired when I left. Hillary Weekes was also there with some really great music. 

 After Time out for Women, the kids came over to spend the night and it was fun hanging out. James, Keven and my dad went to a movie and Jess and I were able to hang out when the kids went to bed.
 They all slept in Jocelynn's room. 

 Carter and Nathan are 10 months apart and are really close. Carter thinks Nathan is so funny. They follow each other around and play so well together. 

 Zealynn got lots of love and attention from everyone. She is a doll and so sweet. Jessica makes these cute bows, she sells on Etsy. 

 Jocelynn giving her baby tummy time like Zealynn.
 Jessica came over for lunch on her birthday and we loved spending time with her. I always hate to see my family good but love it when they come down.