Monday, May 23, 2011

Go Angels!

Grandpa enjoying the game
Tyler up to bat
Aiden up to bat
Tyler up to first base with Dad right beside him

At the park
Grandma watched Nathan while Jason coached. He fell asleep and then they went to the park for a little bit.
Great friends and cousins! Tyler got Jocelynn a popsicle
Grandma and Aiden after the game
Her cousins are always so sweet to her. Aiden and Jocelynn walking having a conversation after the game, no idea what they are talking about.

Tyler and Aiden are on the same Baseball team this year. Jason was helping with coaching also. Saturday we were able to go down and watch them play. It was fun to watch them out there. They both were cute when they would go up to bat. They both hit the ball and when Tyler was on base he shouted out to another at bat, "put your elbows up!" He's a crack up. He is always looking out for others also. After the game they had popsicles and he got one for Jocelynn. Aiden would hit the bat on the base before he was getting ready to swing. I over heard him tell the team mom that his "Grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle and cousins came to watch him play!" Nothing better then family support. We went to McDonalds after for lunch.

T ball, Chick Fil A, and Grandmas

Jocie at T ball practice. This is her "baseball stance." She is getting ready for the ball. She took an intro to T ball and soccer class and loved it! She was so comfortable and was really excited to go to her practices.
At Chick Fil A one night there was a reptile show. This is a Python snake. She wanted to touch it. I was surprised she wasn't scared. She didn't want to hold the snake though.
She loved this tortoise. This is an animal I'd love to have. I think they are so fun!
Carter is almost completely off baby food. He enjoys eating with his hands. For about a month now he would complain if I would get out baby food and clap his hands. I've actually been giving him regular food since he was 7 months. He loves everything. It's just more work on my part because I have to cook everything but that's ok. He loves to eat it all. He prefers doing it himself, which makes for a big mess to clean up.
We went and saw Grandma Lane last week. We brought lunch and visited with her for a little bit. We change her sheets when we come. She loves to read and talk with Jocelynn. She often tells me how much Jocelynn excites her and brings her so much joy. Her and Jocelynn were talking in the back room and Grandma came into the kitchen crying. She often does this because she loves Jocelynn so much! I'm grateful for the relationship and happiness Jocelynn brings my Grandma.

Sneaky little crawler!

I love this age. Many times I yell "Carter!" and search frantically looking for him, only to find that he's right under my nose. This boy plays so quietly though I have no idea where he is. He's a quick crawler now and gets into everything. I love it. A common place we will find him is under the table. He loves the obstacle course with the chairs.
I'm saying to him "Carter, come here little boy!"
He's quickly coming to his momma, because he loves me! :)
Silly mom! "I'm saying to him "Give me a kiss!"
Here he comes for the kiss but it ends up being an open mouth kiss/ bite!! I love this boy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palm Springs

Girls posing outside the shops
Great friends - Jordyn and Jocelynn
Carter just chillin
Melinda and her desert
Look at all that food! Yummy BBQ
It was hot, sunny and very bright!

My friend Melinda was staying down in Palm Springs for the weekend. She asked us to come and hang out with them. It was just what we needed. James has been working very long hours at work and it was so nice to get away. We left Saturday morning and came back for church Sunday. It was perfect. It was only a little over an hour away and we had such a great time. We went swimming and Carter slept for over 3 hours (I had to wake him). Jocelynn watched a movie with Jordyn so the adults got to swim and it was so nice. That evening we went to dinner at a place called "Babe's." It was yummy BBQ. We got there at 430 so we were able to order off the lunch menu. Melinda's birthday was 5 days before so we had them bring her desert! It was a pig that oinked with ice cream in the middle! We came back and put the kids to bed. My wonderful husband put both kids to bed and I went shopping with Melinda. We had so much fun trying on clothes. We stayed up late and watched "Country Strong." The music was good but story line not so much. We came back the next day and it was raining. The weather was 90 degrees in Palm Springs. Thanks again for inviting us Melinda we had such a great time!

Fire Truck at the library

At the library, the kids were able to look at the fire truck and even sit inside. I picked up Rylin and Jordyn that day and they came with us. Jocie loves these girls. She often talks about having a sister. I tell her she is lucky for having a brother. She used to ask me if Rylin and Jordyn were her sisters. I tell her no but they are like cousins. All of her girl cousins live out of state so I am glad she is close to these girls. I think she will always look up to them as her older sister. They will be great examples for her and I'm glad she has them in her life!
Close friends!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was wonderful. Jocie had been sick and I didn't want to get the whole primary sick so we had her stay home. My mom offered to stay home with her and then James would come home after sacrament. It was different not having my kids at church with me. I missed them. I was grateful for my mom offering to do that. It was nice to be able to listen to a lesson without trying to listen and keep a baby quiet.

James got home and was immediately working in the kitchen. He was making dinner and was in the kitchen for hours. He made Herb chicken (he kept taking it out of the oven and basting it), mashed potatoes (with parm cheese and mozarella cheese mixed in), rolls, green beans and homemade gravy, Lemon bars for desert. I felt so special. He even cleaned up and did all the dishes.

I feel so blessed that I am a mother and can stay home with my kids all day. I really love taking care of them and spending this time with them. The days when Jocie is napping, most of the time she will only nap if I nap with her and to be honest, these are memories with her that I will always have. She lets me cuddle her and hold her close and I know someday I will miss everything about my kids being little. These are the best days of my life and I feel so grateful. My kids have taught me so much and I hope in return, I have taught them many important lessons.

9 months

Carter started crawling during his 8th month. He's a totally different baby. Still sweet as can be but into everything. One thing about him and Jocie that are different is he is so grabby. We call him "grabby boy." Whatever he can get his hands on, he will. I would be holding him and open the refrigerator and the next thing I know he's holding a bottle of Tabasco that I wasn't aware of. :) Don't put a plate of food or anything close to him because he will grab it. He's gotten good at crawling and can now move quickly if he sees something he wants to get to. It's also nice having him crawl. I love this age because he can get into different things that entertains him. He started clapping his hands (to get the spoon) or slamming his hands down on the table when he is finished. He's been eating a lot of regular food a lot earlier then Jocie was. I had to stop giving him so much because he was denying the baby food. As I said before, he likes to use his hands. Since he was a baby he could pin point a little crumb on the floor. He's so cute using his thumb and forefinger. He has a lot of focus so he likes to eat himself. I've been having to put some cheerios on the tray, just to feed him baby food. Uh oh.

This is his 4th time getting sick. He was sick for 3 weeks, then over it a week, then sick for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks. Now it's been 3 weeks and he's finally better. I hope all that is done with. I think he wasn't eating very good these past 2 months because he's been sick, sleeping hasn't been the best either. He had his first ear infection.

  • Still nursing but only 2 times a day
  • Had cheese, yogurt, avocado, lentils, beans, brocolli, mashed potatoes, bread, green beans
  • Favorite baby food- peaches, and peas
  • crawling
  • Favorite toy - ball
  • likes books
  • Loves Jocie and smiles when you say her name
  • gives wonderful kisses
  • waves hi and bye
  • was waking up still at 5am (but just last week stopped ) WOO HOO
Weight 18pounds (10%)
Height 27 in (10%)
What happened to my big boy. I will be working on that now that he is better to plump him up again. :)
  • Nicknames - grabby boy (mom), bubbas (jocie), care bear (Dad), Mr Carter or Mr Caretier

Muffins with Mom

At Jocie's preschool they had "muffins with mom." My friend, Melinda watched Carter so I could enjoy this time with her. When we got there, your child would escort you to a chair. Jocie had been asking me all week if I wanted lemonade or water, now I know why. She was bringing me something to drink and muffins and chocolate dipped strawberries. It was sweet to see Jocie with her friends. That morning we were running around getting ready. Jocie said her throat hurt but that was about it.

The program was so cute. They sung songs and talked about all the different hats we wear as moms. They gave us a present, which was a dish cloth with painted flowers on it and a big picture of Jocelynn that I'll keep forever. Each child said in front of everyone what they like to do with their moms. Jocie said she likes to play with me . . .play games with me. It was a special moment with my girl. When we got home she was so tired and felt really hot. I took her temperature and it was 104. That's for another post.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kisses, horse, and wagon

Carter started giving kisses last month but has gotten a lot better at it. I love these kisses!!! Many times he doesn't want to give them to me, probably because I ask for them constantly.

Jocie loves her horse and loves wearing hats.
We've been going on lots of walks these days, especially in the evenings when the days have been long and I need the time to go by. Daddy has been working long hours. I love this picture though, they look so old.

Jocie and her baby

Jocie loves her babies. She loves to act like a mom. She always talks about being a mom and marrying her daddy someday. She is so sweet to her babies and really treats them as if they were real. She brings a diaper bag of all the things the baby needs and even has a toy for her little brother. One time she brought this bag with her. We were out and Carter was being fussy. I was looking through my diaper bag and she says "Here mom!" She pulled out a toy for him. I thought it was so sweet. She is so thoughtful and loves her little brother. She enjoys going for walks outside with her baby.

A couple days ago she was wearing my nursing cover. She said "mom, can I nurse Carter?" I thought that was pretty funny.

She is growing up too fast.