Sunday, August 31, 2008

Splash Zone!

Last week Jocelynn and I went to a park that just opened a water area to play in. She was kind of unsure in this picture if she liked it.
She liked playing in the water but didn't like it when it would go in her face!
I can't wait to return!
Here she is observing everyone around, she is pretty nosy!! :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy 84th Birthday, Grandma!

Yesterday was my grandma's birthday! This woman is my favorite person in the whole world (okay, right next to my husband and Jocelynn)! These were the flowers we got her before we added the notes. The flowers were purple and yellow, which was perfect because she is a Lakers fan! She loves basketball, she even stayed up till 2am to watch the USA game. Go Grandma!!
My family wrote 84 reasons why we love her. I typed them up and numbered each reason on a different skewer. She was so happy. She read a couple reasons why we love her and would just cry. She was just so pleased that everyone participated. Thanks family for helping out! She absolutely loved it.  Guess what? We had over 90 reasons why we love her and I had to narrow it down.
We had lunch and I brought her a cupcake and we sang "Happy Birthday!" I always feel so good when I'm with my grandma. She has an amazing spirit. 
Jocelynn loved Grandma's piano. My grandma plays music by hearing the song, isn't that amazing. She doesn't need the notes. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Church Friends From Birth!

Olivia's mom and I were expecting the same time. Jocelynn and Olivia are 3 weeks apart. I remember when Olivia was born and I went to visit her when she was a couple weeks old.
Every Sunday they play so well together. By the end of sacrament, we are both out by the couches. I can't believe how much they have already grown up.
This is my favorite picture. They both bang on the windows and look outside. Someday I will miss those fingerprints on the windows. 

Friday, August 22, 2008

First Steps!!

That was such an exciting moment! Jocelynn took her first steps yesterday! I was out visiting teaching and James was home with Jocelynn. When I got home he said, "Jocelynn took a couple steps." A couple minutes later she did it again! I was glad that James was able to experience the first moment she walked since I am home with her all day, I usually get to experience it first. She still mainly crawls but I am sure the next couple of weeks she'll become great at it and I'll be busy :)
She has become such a happy baby!
I love this pose! 
Jocelynn has become quite the talker! She loves the phone and already talks forever on it, it's pretty funny. If I take this phone away, she is not a happy camper.  She started saying "Uh-Oh." Usually she says it if she drops food off her highchair.  She is growing up way too fast. I'm trying my best to take in and enjoy every moment!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Life is Good!"

This has been a saying that I've been telling myself the past couple of months. It helps me to reflect on all the positive things in my life. I saw these words on the back of someone's car and would have taken a picture but didn't have my camera. The past couple of weeks when James gets home from work we go in the pool for 30 minutes and then when Jocelynn goes to bed, we sit out on our balcony and enjoy our view. It's amazing how the outdoors can bring so much peace. This has been a simple pleasure in my life that makes life so enjoyable. Life can bring plenty of trials so I hope we can all reflect on our simple pleasures that make life so wonderful! 
Here are my simple pleasures:
  • Sitting at the table with my family for dinner
  • Getting Jocelynn out of her crib when she wakes up
  • Waiting by the door at 6pm for my husband to come home
  • Being sore from working out so hard
  • Having a clean home
  • Frozen yogurt
  • Being organized
  • Listening to Jocelynn talk and laugh
"Isn't LIFE GOOD?"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Double digits . . .10 months old!

She has started to put my clothes on!
She loves her toothbrush
She loves getting into my purse and wallet.

My little girl is growing up so fast! She has become so funny. Every couple of days she says new sounds. Her new one is "beeka, beeka, beeka." Her facial expressions keep us laughing. We can't believe in just two months she will be one years old. Here are a few highlights of her 9 month:
  • A total of 7 teeth
  • No more baby food. Eats everything! Kiwi, peaches, plum, squash, chicken, beef
  • Has started climbing. Almost dove head first into the bathtub but I caught her. 
  • Stands by herself
  • Says "Hi, Bye, Ball, Dada, Mama, Baby"
  • Dances
She naps twice a day. Her first nap is about 9:30am and her second nap is around 2pm. She naps for about two hours and then goes to bed about 8pm. She still gets up around 5:30am. I'm slowly weaning her from nursing so I think once I completely stop doing that she will stop waking up at that time. She gets up for the day at 7:30am.  I rock her before each nap to get her sleepy and then lie her down in her crib. She definitely needs her sleep but also does okay if she takes a short one. (Just not everyday).  People have always been impressed that she doesn't take her bows off, well recently she started doing it. Everyday we go out and run errands to get out of the house. She also was throwing little tantrums when I would take a toy away so I had to get creative. I would either distract her or we have been practicing sharing. That sounds funny to do that with a 9 month old but it has been working. I say nicely "can mommy see that?" and now she has been handing it over to my nicely. It's really sweet. She definitely understands the word No. When I say that word she gets really serious and stares at me. I then turn around and smile because she is so cute! Man we love that girl!


This past week my whole family was able to go to Wyoming. My niece Jordyn, was being baptized. It was so nice to be able to spend time together. My favorite part was going camping. Thanks Jamie for letting us stay at your place all week. We miss u!

Jordyn's Baptism