Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Mommy and Jocelynn's matching boots
Carter with his favorite friend, Paytin
Carter and Tyler
Jocelynn and Celah Her friend from preschool! She loves having friends over to play

Last April James took a new job offered to him. With that new job came new responsibilities, a new commitment and a longer commute. He drives from Corona to Monrovia everyday. Just today it dawned on me how tough it has been and how much I miss him being home by 530pm. He leaves around 6am every morning and gets home at 7pm-730 every night. I have gotten used to it but there are some days . . . like today . .. . when moving right next to his job seems like something we should do. We aren't . . . we've talked about it and that's not happening but somedays I wish we were right next door. He's been working hard. The commute is about an hr and 15 minutes. We've both been working hard and I believe that it will pay off. He loves this work he has been doing which makes me happy. He works for an Energy Consulting firm. My days are filled with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, playing with the kids and working on different things with them. My grandma moved down the street a couple months ago and we spend almost everyday visiting her. In the evenings, I work on school and trying to get this home to look like a home. I'm grateful for these trials though because I know that we are growing and becoming stronger!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Zealynn Marie Todd

Tired boy. I was putting Jocelynn to bed and he fell asleep on Grandma.

When we drove to Wyoming my sister said there wasn't much snow this year. I was expecting to see the grass and laughed when we got there. There was a cold breeze but we were able to go out for a little bit one day and the kids loved it! It was Carter's first time in the snow. He kept hitting it, of course!

Jocie and Micah, 8. He is so sweet to her!
Carter slept pretty good. He ended up sleeping on this bed with me. Naps I had a keep lying him down until he realized I wasn't going to give in and fell asleep.
Cousins Jaeger 4, Dylan, 6, Ryker, 2, Carter 1
Even Carter had a great time playing, as you can see from this smile
Doing all kinds of different moves
Jocelynn loves her cousins! I don't hear from her whenever we visit her cousins. It's pretty nice.
Jocelynn spoiled by her cousin Jordyn, getting her toenails painted!
Carter seemed old to me sitting next to Zealynn. He kept pointing to baby!
Jocelynn holding her new cousin Zealynn

Three days after Christmas, the kids and I drove up with Melinda and her kids to Utah. I wasn't planning on coming to see my sister till Februrary but I knew once Zealynn came it would be hard for me not to come. Melinda said she would love to see her brother so we all went up. She has a big size car that fit everyone. Jocelynn was in heaven having a TV in the car and her new leapster to play with. I didn't here a word from her. We had a wonderful time, except for we all got the flu and I got my sister sick, that just had a baby :(