Monday, February 23, 2009

Projects . . . CoMpLEte . . . .FINALLY!!

After over a year of thinking about it and months of working on this project I bought some units at Home Depot and put them together and everything fit perfect! I do procrastinate but I also eventually get it done. 
Man, am I glad this project is over!! It has been a long time I've been working on this but finally it is complete.  At one point our garage was organized but somehow one day it got all crazy. I'm not sure when? When I was pregnant this was something I wanted to tackle before Jocelynn was born but it never happened and life got even crazier when she came. What people may not know about me is I LOVE to be organized and clean. When things aren't, I feel like I can't function. Weird I know. I'm sure most people feel the same. It's the best feeling to know where everything is. I don't ask James to help out much with home projects because he has enough to deal with, school full time, work full time and spending time with his daughter. He is always willing to help though but I was confident I could do this alone. Boy, that was dumb of me!!! 
This is how our whole garage looked. It had white stripes going through it. It was like this when we moved in. I decided to change it and paint it all white. After three paint cans, painting during Jocelynn's naps, at night, I even got a babysitter so I could finish! It took forever!. I was thinking why didn't I just leave it but it looks good now.
This is like Where's Waldo except where's Jocelynn? Do you see her?

This is all the stuff we had. I called our Home Owners Association to see if we could have a community garage sale. THey approved it. I made signs and everything but on the day of the garage sale I was the only one out there. It didn't matter because I made $120 in two hours from 7am-9am. James had to go to school at 9am. I decided I had sold enough and went inside. It was great. I made some money and got rid of junk we don't use. 
This was the second project to complete. Shelves in the closet for Jocelynn's toys. We had been putting them in a basket but I thought it would be good for them to be out so she can play with what she wants and put it away. Thanks James! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Godiva . . . and pockets!

SHe is caught in the act!!!


On Valentines Day I worked, so Jocelynn and James spent the day together. When I got home there was this big card waiting for me with Godiva chocolates. When you open the card music starts playing. (the song "you're simply the best!") It was really cute and made me laugh.

James and I were in the kitchen and Jocelynn kept bringing me the bag and walking away. Then she'd come back and get the bag. This happened over and over again. Well there was a time she was gone for awhile. We both walked around the corner and the chocolates were all over the floor and she was really enjoying them :) We had a good laugh. She knew she was caught and the chocolate was all over that cute face. We wonder if the bag dropped and chocolates fell out or did she open the box herself? What do you think?

The picture of Jocelynn in her jacket is random but I added it because she loves this jacket and it cracks me up. I think it's the pockets! She does look pretty cool though. She is already 1 going on 5 :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

"MMaama . . . ..Potty!"

Today was a very exciting moment. For a couple months now Jocelynn has been saying poopoo and potty. I knew she understands what happens but didn't think much of it. Before her bath I have been sitting her on the potty for fun. 

I was in the other room and she yells "Mama!" She always yells my name when I leave the room. I came back and said "Yes, Jocelynn." She said "Potty!" I said "You have to go potty?" She said "yeah!" I said okay come on, hurry, hurry! THinking "Ok since she thinks this is fun, we'll just have fun with it." I sit her on and she started going!!!!!! I was like "No way!" Her facial expression was priceless! We'll see what happens?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel

Last weekend James and I stayed at Disney's Paradise Pier hotel for a night. My sister offered to watch Jocelynn for the night so I took her up on the offer. We dropped her off at my sister's and then went to Disneyland. California Adventure is only open till 6pm so we went there first. We got to go on the roller coaster "Screamin" and it was so fun! I wasn't screamin at all, I was laughing the whole time :) It was so crowded. We needed to check in to the hotel so we decided to leave and get something to eat at "PF Changs." After dinner we went to see a movie called "Taken." It was so good and had my attention through the whole movie.
I think the best part for me, besides being with James, was the morning. We slept in and didn't even get out of bed. We got room service and the breakfast was so good. We went back to bed and got a late check out at 12pm. Jocelynn did great at my sister's. She slept from 830pm till 645am. Thanks Jessica for watching her so we could spend some time together!