Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jocelynn's Birthday!

 Started tradition now to decorate their "birthday chair" and streamers from their door. It doesn't take long and means so much to the kids. Joce had a great birthday. She had a great day at school. I made goodie bags for her class and she was sang to by her class. 

After school, some of her friends came over to play,open presents and have cupcakes.

 She had a sweet surprise from some of her best friends and mommy's best friend Melinda. She brought us all cupcakes and a present for Joce. She loved it and loves these girls.

I made the cake below. She wanted a chocolate cake with strawberry frosting with sprinkles and vanilla ice cream. She loved it. We ate it thoughout the week.

 At night, Daddy met us at Denny's for dinner. It was fun! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jocelynn's Special 5 year old Trip

 My best friend does this with her kids and I loved the idea so much I want to do it with mine. When our kids our 5, 10 and 15 we'd like to take them away somewhere with just mom and dad. We haven't been back to Disneyland since Jocelynn was 2 so decided to take her there. We got a hotel down the street from Disneyland and loved having this alone time with her. I have to admit it was hard leaving Carter. I felt a little bad that he was missing out and we missed him but I kept reminding myself why we were doing this and one night away he would be just fine and he was with Grandma and Grandpa. 
 We loved this time with her to talk and she had a lot to say. SHe was so happy and excited to get this special time with us. It seems like since she turned 3, since Carter was born she has grown up so quickly, time is passing by quicker. We walked over to eat at a Mexican restaurant.

 She got flan for dessert and loved it.

 She wanted to take a picture with this statue guy, she thought it was funny and a picture of the sun on the wall.

 It was fun snuggling with her in the hotel. The next morning we got up early took the shuttle over to Disneyland. She kept wanting me to tell people that worked there it was her birthday. I asked the worker if they had a button and they did. All day long people were saying Happy Birthday Princess! She loved the attention although she would quietly respond thank you.

 We went on everything. It didn't start getting crowded until later. 

We had such a fun day. We drove to pick up Carter and he had a great time with Grandma. It made me happy knowing he had such a good time. We got annual passes. Jocelynn is out of Kindergarten at 1130, 1030 on Wednesday so we will be going there a lot this year. This is the last year Carter gets in free also. We are so excited to take Carter there! Such a great memory! I think it was for her also!

Jocelynn's First Award Assembly

 We got a letter from Jocelynn's teacher that she was getting an award. We are so proud of her. She received an award for "Academic Excellence" for spelling her sight words. She has done so well in school and so far I've been happy with my decision to start her. 
 Grandma Lane was able to come also!

Kindergarten Trikathon

 Jocelynn had her first school event. The kindergarten trikathon to raise money for her field trips. She asked my parents to support her and was so excited when they said they would sponsor her. She did 9 laps and was very focused and excited. It was cute to see her on the tricycle and everyone was cheering!