Friday, June 25, 2010

After 6 weeks - lessons finished

This was the final week of class. Last week Jocelynn had the flu and I was done with the classes but just kept thinking . . . one more week! I was so glad I stuck with it. We went swimming in the pool on Tuesday and I didn't even recognize my child. She has always been one to sit on the steps and she was jumping in and swimming to me and laughing. I had to tell her to sit on the steps for a little bit. She didn't want to stay on the steps.
This video was the final test. She had to wear winter shoes including shoes. She had to go through 6 different movements and had to turn and float. She did wonderful.

I'm so proud of her and although it is expensive I think it is worth it. Next year I'll go back for a week for a refresher course.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Isr - End of week 4

These videos were after 4 weeks. We are now at week 6 and this is her last week. Jocelynn was sick on Thursday and Friday so hopefully it didn't set her back too much. There are pros and cons but overall I have been impressed with the program. Jocelynn has gained confidence in the water and is doing well holding her breath.

It's a big commitment because it is everyday and I take a 20 minute drive to get there. I'm ready for it to be over but I'm glad I did it. Next year she will take a refresher course and I plan to enroll her every year.

Birthday Party!

We went to Jocelynn's friend from nursery, Chloe, 3rd birthday party! It was outside and water games. There was this big slide. Jocelynn was too scared to go down the slide but she liked to climb in and splash the water.
This is her friend MacKenzie.
She loved this game. They had to dig in the sand for treasures. She found a ring, bracelet, necklace, and wand.
THis was fun too. They had to pick up fish and they got a prize. She had so much fun!
Here are some of the girls from nursery that are her age. Chloe is holding the fishing net.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tricycle and Computer

Joce learned about a month ago to ride her tricycle. We have had it inside the house and she has kept trying. It's a lot harder on carpet (mom wasn't thinking). As soon as she got outside she started riding it. It's so exciting to see your child learn and grow. She wants a bike now. I'm waiting till she gets this down good and then we'll go for the bike.
She also learned how to use our lap top computer. She likes to play some educational games and I don't mind for a little bit. It's nice to have something extra for her to do in the day. I'm amazed her little fingers can use it.