Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grandma Lane, Gymnastics, Grandma Gloria

 Grandma Lane came over for lunch one day. We had a nice visit. Grandma looked silly with the kids glasses I had to snap a picture!

 Carter has started gymnastics and my best friend Melinda is going with her daughter Paytin. Carter loves Paytin, he calls her "Payty." It's nice to have this alone time with him while Jocelynn is in preschool. He loves to jump. The first day he was so excited he was running around everywhere. It's been good for him to follow direction and wait his turn. My Grandma Lane has been coming every week and enjoys watching him and the other kids. 

 He prefers running across rather then jumping. 

My Grandma Gloria has Stage 4 cancer. She is full of so much energy and is loved by anyone that is around her. It didn't take long for these 2 to warm up to her. She came down from Utah and was at my parents house for the weekend. It was great seeing her!


 Easter was at our place this year. I loved having everyone over. We BBQ's teriyaki chicken, cheese potatoes, rolls, coleslaw, frog eyed salad and jello. Rachel brought dessert. We had an egg hunt and the kids had fun. Grandma colored eggs with the kids while I hid eggs outside. 

 Table centerpieces

 My grandma with Aunt Monica and Uncle Doug. This was a special day also because this was the first time Jocelynn was signing with Monica and Doug. She knows some signs and has learned some since she was little. My Aunt and Uncle are deaf and so is my cousin. Monica and Doug got to our house early and she was sitting on the couch with them and she was signing some words to them. I was really proud of her and almost made me cry. I want to continue this and would be something I would love to learn also but it's hard to fit everything in. 

 Silly cousins. Aiden was giving Carter bunny ears. Carter thought it was funny and started giving himself bunny ears. 

 Kids both wore yellow this Easter. It's impossible to get a decent picture so I'm glad I got this one. 

I set the timer and got a family picture before church.

 Jocelynn got this one of us.
 I used my nice pink dishes. I love bringing these out any opportunity I can. I got them at an antique store about 10 years ago. 
 Easter morning basket full of goodies and eggs to find

Cute boys at their own table!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hollywood Half Marathon

 April 7th was the Hollywood Half Marathon. This was my second marathon. I hurt me knee a month before the race but was able to make it through. I was hoping to beat my time of 2 hours and 2 minutes but every course is different and this course was a lot harder then my first. My first race is was great having James there with me. This time I was going with girls from my ward. I got  babysitter that day and we headed out to Hollywood at 3pm. I was so excited. That week Carter started climbing out of his crib so to get a good night sleep in a hotel I was looking forward to it. We got to our hotel, the Hilton and checked in. We got our shirts and bibs and went down to City Walk to eat a dinner full of carbs. We ate some pizza and walked back to out room. 
 It was a great room with a great view. We had a King size bed and I was going to sleep on the couch but the 3 of us ended up sharing a bed and I was glad because it was a lot more comfortable. We kept talking and at 1030 we all decided we better stop because we had to get up at 430. The alarm went off and I felt great! Remember during the week I was getting up every 2-3 hrs so to get a full 6 hrs of sleep I was ready to run. The race started at city walk and it was great. The first 10 miles I was going a great speed and felt awesome. I hit mile 10 though and I was hurting the incline was steep and it was that way for a couple miles. Flory caught up to me at mile 11 or 12 and I was struggling. She pushes me and I love it. She is great up the hills. We made it up the hill and my legs were killing me. It was flat the rest of the way and she started running really fast. I thought I was going to die. If she wasn't there I probably would not have ran so fast so it was neat running across together. I finished at 2 hours and 8 minutes. 6 minutes more then my first time but this hill was tough. 
 Back at the hotel room after the race with our medals!

 Ladies from the ward and I run with during the week!
They emailed the pictures below. I couldn't stop laughing because I didn't know there was a camera. You can tell I was struggling. I've learned to really love running. It's tough, it's a great workout and I relate it a lot to life. Many times you think while you are running how hard it is, why did I do this? I want to quit but as you continue you realize you can make it. It's a mental thing. 
 Crossing the finish line!

 As you can see from my face, I'm struggling

 Oh man, it hurts :)

A smile with the finish!

Next race, Fontana half and I signed up for my first marathon St George for Oct 6. I find out May 14th if I got in. 26 miles? what am I thinking? I secretly hope I don't get in :)

Feeding the Ducks with Grandma

I used to always take Jocelynn to the Riverwalk in Riverside to feed the ducks when she was about 3. It's been awhile since we've been there. Grandma came with us this time and we were meeting my friend, Jennifer and her three girls there also. Jennifer used to be in our old ward and we first met them when her daughter Makenzie was 2 and Brooklyn was just born. 

 We had a great time. I love these moments with my Grandma. They are so special to me. I love being able to enjoy and spend this time with her. 
 The kids love it here, tons of rocks to climb on and things to climb!
 MaKenzie and Jocelynn feeding the ducks on the bridge

Monday, April 23, 2012

Carter the Climber

When he wasn't sleeping good he was keeping his sister up. Poor girl was so tired.
LOVES his sister
Climbing on the bookshelf
One night found him asleep like this.

Carter and Jocelynn have two different personalities. He is difficult in ways that she was not and easy in ways that she was not. He's easy going, pretty chill, tantrums never last for long but he is active and physical and doesn't care if he's in trouble. In fact, he will smile at you while he is in time out. Oh my! A month ago he climbed out of his crib for the first time and ever since it has been a rough month. As a mom there is always a new phase, just when you think things are going smooth, something new happens. I was hoping it was a one time thing but nope he kept doing it. After a nap one day he climbed out and Jocelynn was so proud, she even clapped her hands. I had a blank look at Carter and she had such an excited look for him. She said "Carter you did it! You climbed out?" He casually and confidently said "Yah!" I wasn't too sure what to do, Jocelynn had never done that. I wasn't prepared for this! I wanted him to be able to stay in his crib! I thought about getting a crib tent but felt better about transitioning him into a bed. At first he kept getting up I had to close the door a couple times, which I absolutely hate. Then I would stay in the hall and have to walk him back to his bed. We had this toddler bed we used with Jocelynn that we will use until we get another twin bed. He still walks into our room once in the night and I walk him back to bed. I know he will get it eventually. He loves to climb though and is pretty good at it.
Here's more about my sweet boy. He will be 21 months April 30. I can't believe he will be 2 in july!
  • Loves to eat chicken and rice. He will often say I want chicken and rice, when he is hungry. Likes brocolli, carrots, chicken, potatoes, yogurt, peas, oatmeal
  • Doesn't like bananas, applesauce,
  • LOVES candy, cookies, ice cream
  • Identifies his letters, numbers, shapes (working on square and rectangle)and colors
  • Sings Twinkle, Twinkle, itsy bitsy spider, abcs, row your boat, Counts 1-10
  • Loves signing time and preschool prep dvds
  • loves being outside
  • likes to wear his sandals
  • likes to put on jocelynns headbands and jewerly
  • loves whales, dolphins and fish
  • will climb on his sister if she is sitting
  • Famous phrase these days "I do it!"
  • Repeats all words
  • Started saying sentences
  • Climbed on chair and said "Look how big I am!"
  • Loves the bath. If I say "Carter lets take a bath" he says "Yah, SPLASH!" Like he is a dolphin
  • Started gymnastics