Tuesday, May 26, 2009

She did it!

My mother is an official Disneyland Pass holder!! We are very excited. Mom is excited to take the grandkids sometime, and I am excited myself!! 

Portrait Party!

My friend and person I visit teach is having a "Portrait Party" this Saturday at the Botanical Gardens in Riverside from 9am-12pm. There is no sitting fee or obligation to buy! Here's one shot she took. I'm getting a couple more soon. Let me know if you're interested. I told her I'd spread the word!

Sweet Innocence of a child

When I was about 3 years old, I had a friend that was my age that lived down the street. We did everything together. People used to tease us because we'd walk around holding hands, they would say "oohhh Jenn's boyfriend!!" But it wasn't like that, he was my friend, we enjoyed playing together. I can appreciate even more the innocence of it when I walked outside and found my daughter holding hands with her friend, Gunnar. It was so sweet. They were watching my neighbor walk up the steps and then they looked at each other and smiled. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

My little talker!

Although Jocelynn is serious and observant to others she does not know, she is a different person when she is in an environment that is familiar to her. She does not say much when she does not know you but when she does know you . . . she won't be quiet :).  That is so true. She has talked at an early age and makes us laugh with the random thoughts she will have. Many times I hear her talking in her crib, she will sing about 3 songs, talk about colors and whatever else to her dog. 

I love the conversations we have and the new phrases and words she picks up on. Last night she was showing James something at the dinner table and said "Be right back!" and she ran to her room to get another toy. He said "Did she just say "be right back?" We both started laughing. When we are walking outside, she says "Look Mom! Look!" I love the enthusiasm in her voice. I love to hear her talk! 

I recorded the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the Itsy Bitsy Spider." We just got back from swimming in the pool so that is why she is in a diaper. :) 

Monday, May 11, 2009

I love being a mom!

Everyday driving to work, when I was pregnant with Jocelynn I listened to this song. I love it! It reminds me of the joy I felt of having a child. "The nearest thing to heaven, you're my angel from above, only God creates such perfect love!!!"

I never knew or thought much about when I would have kids. Some people grow up and dream of being a mom. I knew I wanted to be a mom someday but it wasn't until I got married to James that I for sure knew. . . I wanted a family and to be a mom. James and I just had so much love for each other that we both knew we had so much love to give another person.  It never felt like it was the right time but that doesn't mean it wasn't something I longed for and thought of almost everyday. James and I decided I would stay home when we would have a child. We continued to pray and our answer was to continue with school, work full time, save money and the time will come.  We worked full time and went to school full time, we were exhausted but we both knew who we were doing this for. I remember one day sitting in my car at Chaffey College, waiting for class to start. I just got off work and went straight to school. I started to cry because more then anything I wanted to be a mom. Time past and we finished school, it was an amazing time for both James and I to sit next to each other at graduation. 

After 4 years of being married it was time to start a family. Looking back those years felt like an eternity at the time but it went by so fast. Being pregnant with Jocelynn was the best time of our lives. We both loved every minute of it. The appointments, seeing her move, the anticipation of her being here. Being a mom has been everything I thought and didn't think it would be. . . it's so much more. I'm thankful for a husband who is such a good father. I really do appreciate these years and enjoy every moment. It is a rewarding, exhausting, joyous, loving, emotional job. Jocelynn has brought us so much happiness. I love my family and love being a mom! Mom's are so important and powerful. 

"Upon you depend the training and the direction of the thoughts and the inspiration of the hearts of your children, for they drink into the spirit of their mothers, and the influence of the mother over the children is the most enduring impression that can be made. There is nothing so imperishable as the influence of the mother; that is when she is good and has the spirit of the Gospel in her heart, and she has brought up her children in the way they should go (Joseph F Smith)."

Goodbye Hendricksons!

Our good friends, The Hendricksons are moving back to Utah. We met the Hendricksons 3 years ago when they moved into the same condos we live in. I was Lily's nursery leader when she was two and James and I hit it off with Jeanette and Dave. They came to California so that Dave could go to Law School. We have always known that they would finish Law school and then move away but I always thought it wouldn't happen. . . maybe I just didn't want to think about it. Jocelynn and Gunnar are 5 months apart. They love to play together and will run around laughing.
This past year Jeanette and I have hung out a lot during the day. We would meet each other outside, go to each other's house or go to the park. It was nice to have a friend to hang out with that lived so close. 
We went over to their house on Saturday for some ice cream and to say goodbye. I hate to say goodbye but I know we'll keep in touch. We are going to miss them so much!! If you ever want to come to California you can stay at our house :)
Here are their sweet kids. We are going to miss them.
They loved the ice cream! Jocelynn was in her own world! Goodbye Hendricksons and good luck wherever you guys go in this world! You deserve the best!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Special Ed Prom

Last night was the annual Special Ed Prom at Ontario High School. Many of the students I assisted at Ontario are graduating this year. I worked at Ontario High for 5 years. I am so thankful for a teacher that believed in me at 19 years old. She hired me to work for her and I look back and can't thank her enough. I loved this job and look forward to one day spending my days with these special people again. 
This is Pabel. Pabel can't speak but he communicates with his eyes and facial expressions.  

These boys were having the time of their life! They were dancing the night away and nothing else mattered. I look up to these individuals because nothing is going to stop them from having a good time. 
The theme was Mardi Gras and they did an excellent job decorating. I had fun making my mask. Thank you Rachel, for watching Jocelynn so I could attend!

She's back . . and I'm almost there!

The water park is now open again. We met up with some friends on Wednesday and had a great time. The girls were done with the water and wanted to play in the sand for a little bit.
Jocelynn was okay with the water at first but would never just run through the water like this little girl. This little girl had no fear, it was so funny. She didn't care if it splashed in her face or if the water was freezing cold. 

It took a couple days to get her back on her routine and catch up on all the sleep she lost. She's back now though and I'm so happy. My sweet Jocelynn is back 100%! Yay!!! I got sick after Jocelynn. Two nights in a row I woke up every two hours because my throat hurt so bad!! I'm almost back!

Jocelynn has always been a quiet, observant child. She has a funny personality also but she will only show you that side of her if she's comfortable in her environment and comfortable with you. She has never been the daring type and is very reserved. She would never put things in her mouth because that is dangerous, will scream if you throw her in the air because she understands you may drop her, she has loosened up a little but Jocelynn is Jocelynn and we love her. This video shows a little of her personality. She sees the water looks like fun and wants to touch it but understands not to get too close because it may get her right in the face. She is a very mature child for her age and grown beyond her years. We love you Jocelynn!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Double Ear Infection

Well this morning she had a little temp. 100.8. I keep wondering if maybe my thermometer is off so I put in new batteries but it still shows a temp. She does look much better though. I figured I might as well go see the pediatrician. He checked her ears and she has a double ear infection. I'm glad I went in so she could get on antibiotics. He asked me if she has been in contact with anyone that has gone to Mexico. I know why they ask that question but I think it's a dumb question. The flu is now in California. It may have started in Mexico but it can spread easily. We live so close to Mexico, there are a lot of people here from Mexico. So I said No but now that I think about it the question very well could be a Yes!  

Anyway . . . she's feeling better. The flu is definitely going around. We have not gone anywhere public so I have done my part not to get anyone else sick!