Sunday, December 1, 2013

Decorating the tree and my Cousin Krystal

 For the past 10 years we have had the same tree. A 5 ft non pre lit tree. I loved this tree though. It was so simple and the kids loved it of course. Well I found a new tree at a garage sale for $20. Its pre lit and 7 ft. I also bought new ornaments. I was excited to decorate. The kids were excited also. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 My cousin Krystal from up North was in Corona and came to visit with her new baby, Kennedy.
 Aren't they both beautiful!
 This is my Dad's brother's daughter.

 Kennedy - 1 month and Carter - 4 months

 Carter fell asleep with Krystal.
 I love Krystal. I have been the closest with her out of all my cousins. It was so nice visiting together.

Thanksgiving Feast and Academic Excellence

 Carter often falls asleep on the stairs and on our way to bed we put him to bed.
 At school Carter had a Thanksgiving feast. They sang cute songs and he was an Indian. He wanted to bring pumpkin spice muffins and brownies.

 My cute boy!

Jocelynn got an award for Academic Excellence. She is doing very well in school.

Grandma Lane and Jaxon

Grandma Lane lives in La Habra now. We go see her every other week. I love my time with her at the park together.

I love this boy so much. He makes me so happy. I want to hold him all day!

He moved to his crib at 3 months. He started sleeping much better. He likes his mobile also. He talks to it.