Sunday, January 27, 2013


 Life doesn't slow down. I'm Secretary in Young Womens, in school, busy running the kids around, cleaning and cooking. I love my life although it's busy. Here are some random pics I got the past month. 

This boy keeps me busy. He's a good boy but is also 2 and loves to get into everything. He's a climber, a writer and wants something sweet all the time. 

 In December, Jocelynn had a Christmas program. The theme was toys and they had to come dressed like a toy. She is a princess. James had to be at a city council meeting that night so couldn't come. I was so grateful my parents came to support her.

 Jocelynn and her friend Elena.

 We have a new member of our family. The elf, Mr Mickey. The kids love him. Jocelynn tells me all the time that she misses him.

Carter seems to be getting into naughty things lately. Makes me tired. I turned around for a minute and he dumped the whole ketchup on the plate. As you can see, he did not feel bad about it.

A wounded soldier was coming home and we were able to welcome him back home to Corona. It was a great experience for our kids. We made some signs. It was cold but thankfully we got to stay in my friend's cousins house for a little bit.

 THese kids are family to us, just like cousins. We just love them!
 Aunt Dorene came to visit grandma. We went to the park and had a nice visit. They are so sweet together!