Saturday, March 24, 2012

I love being home

We go to the park with grandma a couple times a week. Around 130. The weather has been beautiful and I enjoy this time with her. The kids love it also. When I tell them we are going to the park Carter says. "Grandma? everytime!" They love her. We found a ladybug at the park and it was on Jocelynn's arm for a long time. As busy as life has been I love every minute of it. I love being home, I love being a mom!
Carter is into everything Jocelynn is. He looks up to his sister and wants to be like her. He loves the color pink and purple. If I get out plates he says pink. The other day before bed he kept saying baby, baby. James says under his breath. . . animal. I found him the other day in her dress up jewerly. Someday he may be embarrassed of this photo.
Jocelynn is really into babies these days. That's all she wants to play with. I find her babies asleep everywhere and she often has her door closed and we can't go in because the baby is asleep. She loves to name her babies and carry them around with her.
I've been really busy sewing every night. I try to do a little studying and sewing every night. I've probably put in about 30 hours of sewing. It's been a lot of work. I finished the window valances and need to hem the curtains but am almost done. I've learned so much about sewing and love my machine!
Grandma came to Jocelynn's class to read a book. She read the book, "Ruthie and the not so itty bitty, lie." She talked with the class about honesty. Jocelynn loved it and Grandma gave her the book after.
We went with Grandma back to her church for a musical performance. A pianist played and someone that played the flute and horn. I love these performances because my grandma loves them. She is often smiling and crying as they are performing. I look to the left and James is on his phone and look to the right and my dad is asleep. It's a crack up and great memories!
Jocelynn has been smiling a lot like this for pictures. It's so funny. This is one of her good friends, Jordyn. Jordyn and her 2 other sisters are like her cousins. She loves playing with them and has since she was a baby.
Carter is very independent. I don't remember Jocelynn being like this. She always wanted me to help her. It's so funny to me when I see him try something. I came downstairs and he got the cereal out of the cupboard and poured himself a bowl. He did really well getting it into the bowl but didn't know how to stop!

Chick Fil A Preschool Field Trip

There was a little time at the end so her teacher, Ms Brooke, sang songs and read a book to the kids.
Jocelynn and her friend Kate. It's fun to see her interact with her friends!

In February, Jocelynn's preschool talked about community helpers. She had a field trip to Chick Fil A and we decided to go and grandma came along with us. Every child loves Chick Fil A. I mean what child wouldn't, great food, fun place to play, a balloon to take home and you can trade in your toy for ice cream. On the field trip the kids were able to go in the back and see how they cook the chicken, everything is fresh and they even got to see them make lemonade. Of course I was so impressed with Ms Brooke and how organized and together she always is. The kids are so well behaved and I know it has a lot to do with her. Jocelynn had a great time and loved having grandma there.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Helen Grace Chocolates

Helen Grace Truffles

I failed to mention, and I don't know how I forgot that my husband brought me home these chocolates. Years ago for Valentines Day, I believe it was 2005 he brought me home these chocolates, milk chocolate and white chocolate truffles with caramel inside. These were one of the best sweets I've ever had. They melted in my mouth. They closed down and we never had them again. James was out in LA at a meeting and found another Helen Grace store and brought me home some. It brought back a wonderful memory to me and they were so good!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love the holidays! They are so fun to celebrate and it's fun to see the kids get so excited. I'm starting to do the same thing every Valentine's Day. I cut out a lot of Valentine's hearts last year and kept them. I sprinkle all sizes down the stairs to the table. When Jocelynn wakes up in the morning it's fun for her to see all the hearts. I also bought this "Love" bag last year and added a couple goodies for her, I got this book a couple months ago also about Valentine's Day. The night before I remembered I got a red shirt from the 99 cent store and decided to make a ruffled heart shirt for her. She loved it!

Daddy got me red roses and a big balloon and got a couple donuts for breakfast. During the day we went to Grandma's and brought her Valentines. When the kids went to bed I brought out my nice dishes (they are pink so it goes well with the occasion) and we had a nice dinner together. Jocelynn was giggling on the stairs.
Love this man more and more everyday!

These 2 melt my heart and have so much love for each other!
My sweet girl! Love her to pieces!
Big balloon from Daddy!
Surprise from grandma on the front porch!