Monday, November 29, 2010


My sister had a dance conference in Vegas. She is a dance teacher and her boss takes all the teachers every year. My mom and I went up for the weekend to watch Ryker while she went to class. Carter slept the whole way there and the whole way home. He is such an easy baby. Mia Michaels and other popular dance instructors for "So you think u can dance" are there. Can u believe she has 5 kids? We went to dinner one night and someone asked my sister if this was her first, she said no my fifth. The woman almost flew out of her chair.
That night I was surprised and got to see the Lion King. I've always wanted to see it. The costumes, singing, everything was amazing. I went with Jamie and the dance instructors. My mom watched Carter and Ryker the whole time.

It was definitely a busy weekend. I don't know how moms do it with twins. There was no sleep. When one would go to sleep, the other would wake up. They were on different schedules and poor Ryker was sick. You wouldn't know it in this picture. Love his smile. The nighttime was really bad on Saturday night. They both were up every 2 hours but opposite times so we were up every hour. It was fun doing something different, staying in a hotel and seeing my sister and Ryker. These boys will be best buds.

Children's Museum with Grandma

We went with Grandma to the children's museum in La Habra. I was excited to take Jocelynn because the last time we went she was a year and a half. She didn't remember going. Carter was a happy boy as I carried him around in the Moby Wrap.
Jocelynn loved putting gas in the car. She asked if it was going to go.
We even got a tour of an actual train.
Grandma and Jocelynn reading books. Jocelynn's favorite part of the museum was the bus and animals. Before the museum we went to Grandma's house and had lunch (egg salad sandwiches).

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Smiling is Contagious

She cracks me up. One night she said, "Hey mom, watch this! and takes my breast pump!" Had to get it on camera. She thought it was funny too.
Love this boy. You smile at him and he'll give you a smile back. He's a big boy now in the bumpo. Love this invention.
My children make me happy. They are my world. I always tell Jocelynn, when she is happy, so am I.

Doheny Beach

You can take these stairs down but the tide was in so we couldn't. The tide pools are so cool here. I really wanted Jocelynn to see all the neat things in a tide pool. Next time. It was such a beautiful day! The Ocean Institute was closed. I was bummed. It's only open on weekends. It's free and there are aquariums and stuff to look at.
There were these big rocks, Jocelynn loved to climb on.
This is what made it dirty. THere were thousands of birds! IT was gross. This is where you can camp so maybe people leave food behind. I don't know but it didn't make it very appealing.
We found a spot to play in the sand.

6 years ago I was taking a Science class at Cal State Fullerton. We had to go to the beach with our class on the weekend. We looked at tide pools and there was an ocean institute and it was so fun. James and I went together. Over the years I couldn't remember which beach it was.

James had a Monday off for traveling a lot so Doheny beach came to mind. I don't know how I thought of that beach but we got there and I realized that it was the same beach we went to for class. Brought back nice memories. This time we got to enjoy the day with our kids. It was different then last time. It seemed not as clean , which is sad. I want to return and show her the tide pools and Ocean institute of all the different fish.

Carter's Baby Blessing

My mom and I
Tyler realized I had the baby today. He said at church to his mom., "Mom, Jenn had her baby!" He's so cute.
THis is everyone, (except my friend Melinda, they had to leave to church) that came to the blessing. THank you for coming! We missed both my sisters and Katrina was sick.

Cousins playing Twis
Cousins together, before lunch
Love this picture of the both of them. Aiden is such a great example to Jocelynn. She looks up to him so much. He was smiling for the camera so she did also. This is a real smile :)
Nathan and Fredericka. (She is Jeff and Katrina's foreign exchange student from Italy)
It was also Christian's birthday so we celebrated with cake and presents.
Grandma and Carter
Grandma and Grandpa Kirk
The happy boy, looking so handsome.
Cousins close in age, about 10 months apart. I'm sure next year they'll have a good time together.

Monday, November 8, 2010

3 months!

Wasn't he just 2 months. Life is busier with a child but man . . .it gets even faster with 2. I'm so in love with this boy. The first 2 months he was transitioning to life outside the womb but the 3rd month he got even easier. It's been a fun month. He laughs, smiles, and plays when he's awake. He started squealing this month. He loves his vibrating chair. He tries to get what's hanging from the chair and kicks his legs to make the noises and lights come on.

He loves to kick in the water and doesn't mind when people hold him. He blows bubbles, drools a lot and laughs when I put his arms above his head. At night he does a 5-6 hour stretch. I think he would go longer if I didn't respond to him right away. Jocelynn has been waking up a lot when she hears him and I don't want her to wake up so I go to him right away. I probably should just get over that because they need to get used to it. There are times during the day I can put him down to sleep or I hold him. Look forward to these months ahead but am loving how cuddly he is!

Spooky Dinner

Melinda invited us over for a spooky dinner. She does this every year and it's a cute tradition. Jocelynn had a good time. This was the witches brew. It was a green slushy drink.

Bloody bones (manicotti), ghost bread, and haunted trees (cauliflower)
We made mummies out of juice boxes
Sweet Paytin!
Jocelynn loves these girls. They are like family. She has one girl cousin in Wyoming and doesn't have a sister so they will definitely be close. She looks up to Rylin. Rylin was reading to her. Jocelynn has recently taken an interest in reading.
The sweet girls.
Making caramel apples
Jordyn (bride), Rylin (Belle), Brooke (Bunny), Jocelynn
This was cheese deep and it waso so good!