Sunday, December 27, 2009


James, Jocelynn and I drove up to Wyoming with my parents. I was sick the way up so that wasn't too fun but Jocelynn was such a good girl so I was grateful. It was in the 20s in Wyoming. So cold. Jocelynn had such a great time playing with her cousins. Many days I wouldn't hear from her for hours. It was nice.
Here she is in her Christmas dress before church.

Jaeger and Jocelynn are about 6 months apart. They play so well together and many times I would hear them in the room laughing together. They love each other.
Jocelynn also loves Jordyn. She played with her a lot and I had to take this picture when I saw them hanging out together.
We went sledding on Monday and that was so much fun. Jocelynn loved the snow but I think she liked throwing it in the air the best.

My mom got the kids some tubes and it was so fun.

Jocelynn making a snow angel. We had a great time in Wyoming and can't wait to return.

Masters in Business Administration at CBU

James started the Masters program at Cal Baptist University May of 2008. He graduated Dec 18. We are so proud of him. Hasn't been easy but he did it. It's amazing how much Jocelynn has grown in a year and a half. He is so happy he completed it when she was so young and so am I. I remember when James started at RCC 8 years ago. We also took classes together. It's been a long road but I'm grateful we have the same long term goals. It may take us awhile to get there but eventually we will and it'll be amazing to look back together at where we came from!
Jocelynn was such a good girl during the ceremony. My grandma also came.
My mom and dad.
My brother in law and James good friend, Keven.
We celebrated at Woodranch BBQ for dinner. It was a wonderful day. I got James a nice Bulova watch for graduation. He loved it.


I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Our due date is July 29th. I found out I was pregnant on a Thursday and decided to wait to tell James on Saturday when we were going to the temple as a family. We've been wanting to take Jocelynn and what better way to announce our family is expanding.
Friday we went to James work and went out to lunch. On the way back Jocelynn said "Daddy, mommy has a baby in her tummy." It caught James off guard and because my friend Melinda had a baby the day before, he said "you mean Melinda?" She said "No mommy!" I thought, thank you Jocelynn! :) We played it off.
So the next day it was a beautiful day. We put a blanket out and Jocelynn asked Dad to read her a story. He didn't read the title and just opened the book. As he continued to read he caught on. He did say he knew something was up after Jocelynn made the announcement the previous day. The book that Jocelynn is holding was the book James opened when I found out I was pregnant with Jocelynn. So I thought it would be perfect for him to open the next book. It was a great day. Grandma and Grandpa Kirk were at the temple putting up Christmas lights so we shared the news with them also. We are very excited. Jocelynn will be such a great sister!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness - Thanks Liz!

My friend Liz posts random acts of kindness on her blog that she notices people do. I had one to share so thought I would start doing this also. Last week I went and got Jocelynn's haircut. I had no idea it was cash only. Her hair was cut, and Jocelynn was getting hungry. I had no cash on me and the lady was so kind. She said don't worry about it. Pay me when you can. I thought that was so kind of her. She could have made it a lot more difficult for me. I went right to the grocery store and came right back. I was so grateful for her random act of kindness!