Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Orange County Fair

We parked in free parking. The park opens at 10am and we got there at 930am and took the shuttle provided to the fair grounds. It was a big yellow bus. Jocelynn was so excited!! Her first time not in a car seat. She was like I sit here mom? She had the biggest smile, it was so cute.
We had a great time walking around and seeing everything. Jocelynn loved the animals. She was going to ride the elephant but chickened out last minute.
We decided to get cotton candy and that was fun.
We took Jocelynn on 3 rides and just had a great day. I would get pains every now and then and was a little concerned we'd be too far away from home. We left after a couple hours. Our last outing as a family of three.

Saturday we went to the OC Fair. This is our 5th year and we couldn't miss it. I thought all the walking would be a good way to get Carter here also. The past 2 years we went with my sister and her husband and they live in Utah now so they were definitely missed. Here are a few pics.

Friday, July 23, 2010

39 weeks

For family night James and Jocelynn painted my belly. Jocelynn loved it and actually so did Carter and I. The brush felt good on my belly :) Carter was moving all around, it must have tickled him too. It was fun!
39 weeks. I still can't grasp the fact that I'll have a baby any day now. Still doesn't seem real that I'll have two kids to look after, that will always be on my mind for the rest of my life. Yesterday I had contractions, probably because I was cleaning my carpets again. I somehow always find something to do. I do nap when Jocelynn naps and it's wonderful.

James asked me last night as we were lying in bed if I've gone over different breathing techniques. He's so cute. I haven't but am planning to do that now. I hope to labor on my own and if I want, get an epidural. Can't wait to experience it again. Plan to watch "The Business of Being Born" tomorrow night, maybe tonight. I love the anticipation. This baby continues to grow though and along with that, my belly. Jocelynn will be staying at Grandma and Papa Kirk's house. I'm so excited to meet him. Next posts should be pictures of our little man.
Here's an even better belly shot. I wore this swimsuit a ton this summer. We went in the pool a lot.

Friday, July 16, 2010

38 weeks

The final weeks of my pregnancy with Carter. So bittersweet. There are hard and good moments of being pregnant but overall I enjoy being pregnant. This pregnancy was harder the first couple of months, probably because I was using my energy to entertain a toddler. The second and third trimester flew by and I'm sad that the time is almost near but of course, excited to meet him and have him join our family. Here are some pros and cons of my pregnancy with Carter

Love feeling him move
Love how he'd move every time Jocelynn would talk to him
Loved seeing how attached Joce is already to him
Loved watching Joce talk to my belly (shirt had to be up every time)
Loved going to appointments with Jocelynn
Loved seeing him on ultrasound and hearing his heartbeat
Love how it forces me to eat healthy and drink lots of water because I know he's receiving it
Love every time James and I would be kissing he'd interrupt and kick James :)
Loved finding out we were having a boy
Love the anticipation of how the delivery will be
Loved the last 3-4 months compared to the first 6
Loved taking a nap when Jocelynn did (worked with Joce so never did that)

Feeling sick and tired the first couple months
Heartburn the first 4-5 months (Had to change my diet, thanks Melinda)
Bloated and sick if I ate certain foods
Walking up 3 flights of stairs 2-3 times a day
Getting up every couple hours to go to the bathroom
Waking up to cramps in my legs
sleeping on my side
needing help to get out of bed
Bladder infection
Hips turning
Having my house clean so people can look at it (we are selling)

I look forward to giving birth to him. I feel more prepared this time. I'm kind of bummed because I have to be on antibiotics for 4 hours before he comes and was hoping to not have to be attached to anything and just go through labor. Oh well. Although I can't wait to meet him I know the time will go by fast the next couple of weeks and he will come when he is ready. I've gotten a lot accomplished at home, including meals made, scrapbooks completed and his started, carpets cleaned, and got a sewing machine so can always keep busy with projects before he comes. I'm so excited to meet him! Can't believe the time has come.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

28 Years old

My birthday was Monday and it was a wonderful birthday! It started out with my mom picking up Jocelynn at 9am. I went back to bed and she brought her back at 11:20am. She went to bed when she got home till 2pm so I was able to get things done.
James came home early from work and brought home beautiful flowers! We went to Moores to look at sewing machines. I didn't get one at the time but I got one today and I'm super excited!

After Moores, James wanted to take Jocelynn to "Paint a Memory" to paint me something for my birthday. He was going to take her alone but thought I may want to be there to watch her. I loved it! It was such a cute idea. They picked out a bowl for me and I will treasure this bowl. She picked out her colors, pink, yellow, purple, green and blue. She paints a lot at home so she was so excited and went right to work. When they put a gloss on the bowl the colors get brighter. She put her handprints on it and painted me a smily face. Whenever I eat ice cream or cereal in this bowl I will be so happy!
She started with the paint brush but then was not messing around and went for her hands :)
Afterwards, we ate at Panera Bread and I dropped Jocelynn and James off. He bathed her and put her to bed and I was able to go to Joannes Super store and Michaels. I could spend forever in those stores and I did! It was a great birthday and one I'll never forget!

35 weeks

I was able to watch Jocelynn's friend, Olivia twice last week and this was them dressing up. They are just too cute, I had to share.
Time just never slows down. I say that all the time but it's true. This pregnancy has flown by. James and I went out to dinner last week and Jocelynn had a babysitter. It was nice to be alone and it's hard to believe we'll be having a baby around again. I forgot what it's like, although in a way it seems like just yesterday. Around this time when I was pregnant with Jocelynn I was feeling more nervous and not ready. I learned a lot from Jocelynn though, mainly patience and how important it is to slow down. I worked with Jocelynn up to 38 weeks. I was always so busy. This time around I've enjoyed being prepared and relaxing. The funny thing is I haven't bought much for Carter. I'm excited to hold him, and enjoy every moment.
Please excuse the white belly. James captured this moment and I love it. Jocelynn loves my belly. She wants to look at it all the time but she says "I want to see him mom and lifts up my shirt." She can't see him but maybe she feels closer to him. She talks to him every morning and kisses my tummy constantly and can't go to sleep without saying goodnight to Carter. I just know she'll be a great big sister. I've enjoyed taking her to doctors appointments and having her involved in the whole experience. I will miss this but they'll be memories I'll have forever!

Baby Shower at 34 weeks

I was thrown a baby shower from this wonderful friend, Melinda (above), with the help of my mom and her mom. She is my best friend. I met her at Ralphs (my first job, 10 years ago) and who knew we would remain such great friends. Who would have guessed, Ralphs I met James and Melinda, the 2 most important people in my life, besides family.
I was so grateful for those that came. It meant a lot to me and made me so excited for this little boy to come.

I got some of the cutest outfits. I can't wait to see him in them!
This is my grandma. One of my most favorite person. She'll be 86 in August. She is currently teaching me how to sew. She taught me in High School but I need a refresher.
These girls are so fun! Love being around them!
My mom got material and tied knots on one side and my aunt and grandma finished the rest. The blanket is so soft!
My wonderful mom and I. It was thrown at our house. She does so much for me and grateful for her!
My friend and her mom. Her mom is so wonderful!
Melinda and her mom made this diaper cake! I love it!