Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jocelynn's 1st Haircut

Thought I'd take Jocelynn for her first haircut. It was needed. She just did a trim, nothing too fancy but I was preparing her for it all morning. She kept talking about it like she knew what it was. Anyways, she was funny. Didn't say a word the whole time. The lady was playing with her hair and Jocelynn had this relaxed look on her face like she'd fall asleep. I get the same look. She's definitely my girl! I don't talk either when I get my hair done, I enjoy the moment.

I should have got a more close up look but here it is! Doesn't look much different but a lot healthier! Don't think we'll be back to this place. "Cool Cuts for Kids" It was too expensive but for the first time was cool. The car was awesome and they gave me a certificate with her locks.


This all looks like a big mess but it actually wasn't. This idea to fingerpaint all started at the Kirk family reunion. The shirt Jocelynn's wearing we made. It really started when my friend Violet wanted to paint her feet when she was 6 months old. She wanted little Leprechaun feet in her classroom for St Patricks Day. Jocelynn hated her feet painted. Well at the reunion she didn't want to touch it or have anything to do with it. I was surprised because she loves dirt and feeling the sand.

I thought I better get some fingerpaint so she knows it's ok and fun. I don't know how I got so lucky to have such a mature one year old. She sat quietly at the table and started using her hands. She only put it on the paper (I had 2 towels close). She loved it. Here's her first art work of fingerpaint.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nathan Cade Kirk

My brother Jason and his wife Rachel had their 3rd boy on Friday Sept 11th. He's such a cutie. He weighed 6 lbs 7 oz and 18 3/4 in long. Everything went well and we are very excited for a new member in our family. He seems so calm but it'll be fun to see how his personality is!

Jocelynn couldn't come up to the room she kept saying "I wanna see baby mom." We plan to go visit this week so it'll be fun for her to meet her cousin!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Since Jocelynn was 4 months old I would take her to storytime at the city of Corona library. She loved it and it's a special memory I have with her. I liked that library mainly because they sang a lot of songs that I think Jocelynn enjoyed, and they had a puppet. The main things I didn't like about the library was it was ssoo crowded, you can't take pictures (I got in trouble one time. . .Ooops), and they don't have a good book section for babies.

I was introduced to this library by a friend and I really like it. There is a truck to play on before storytime, they have GREAT books and reading area for kids, it is not crowded at all, they pick a letter of the week and the book and craft go along with the letter.
This week Angela and her daughter Olivia came. It was so fun. The girls played on the truck before it was time to go in.

Jocelynn's friend McKenzie. I thought this picture was funny. I wish I could hear what they were chatting about :)
Storytime. Jocelynn is a bit relaxed as you can see. She decided she needed to be front and center!