Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Balboa Beach - Paddleboat

I love Balboa beach. So many fun things to do. We had a great day Saturday. We got there around 9am before it gets crowded and the weather was just perfect. We decided to rent a paddleboat and go out in the water.

Jocelynn was so excited (although you can't tell with this picture). She got this life vest on and got so comfortable and relaxed. It was quite the work out but it was fun. We saw a seal swimming around and James even did a little fishing.

Jocelynn was getting sleepy and wanted me to hold her. The funny thing is, it was only 1030am. She fell asleep twice. This is the first time.
The second time, she sat down and fell asleep again.
20 minutes before heading back my pedals broke. Poor James got a good workout. They are pretty cheap and I think next time we'll try a grade up.
25 weeks.
The ferris wheel was fun but realizing as I get older that I don't like heights too much. When we would go around Jocelynn would take a deep breath and say "WWeee!"
We went down to the beach for a little bit and let Jocelynn play in the sand.
Love these two!
Love the swimsuit in this girl! Look at those thick legs!! Love em!!
It is quite impossible to get a picture of a toddler. I asked Jocelynn to stand with her hands by her side and this is what she gave me :)
I was excited for this. I'm getting more uncomfortable to sleep at night. I dug a hole and was able to lie down on my stomach. Jocelynn didn't let me sleep though but it was nice! Can't wait to do this in the summer! It was such a great day. We headed home and we all took naps for a couple hours!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Special moments with Jocelynn

Life has been really slow lately . . . which surprisingly I love. When it's not so busy I can really focus on my family and just being home. I'm always aware that someday I will miss what I have now. I feel so blessed to stay home and really try my best to take advantage of it. Since Jocelynn is my first I'm not sure how other toddlers are throughout the day but she is constantly needing stimulation. I've been trying to think of new things to do with her so her mind continues to learn.

This week I pulled out all my fruits and vegetables. We talked about what a fruit and vegetable is and cut them up so she could see the inside. Then we grouped them together. She loved it! Then she tried new fruit "green apple" that she hadn't tried before and even wanted to eat a lot of cucumbers. It's amazing how kids are willing to have something when it's fun.

I got this birdhouse at Joannes for $1 and got all my paints out. She loved it! We talked about birds, birdhouses and what they eat. We haven't hung it outside, that's for another day but I'm sure she'll love that.

We've been home a lot lately. James car (97 Altima) is needing to be fixed. There are times that the material things would be nice but I'm okay going without right now. Someday we will have that so it doesn't even phase me. These memories I will have forever and I love my husband so much for giving me these precious moments.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lets Go Fly a Kite!

I saw this cool kite at Sams Club months ago and decided to get one to fly one day at the park. Saturday was a beautiful day. We have a huge grass area next to our place and decided to give it a try. It's a lot harder then I remember. James had one side and I had the other and I threw the kite up and it fell to the ground. We had a good laugh. I thought it would be fun for Jocelynn to see and to hold a kite but it was not working, maybe it wasn't windy enough.
James kept trying though. It was cute to see him so into it.
Jocelynn would get all excited when it would go higher and higher in the air. I decided to try once and that was a horrible idea. I ran with it 10 maybe 15 seconds and right when I stopped Carter let me know that he was not liking that. I could barely walk. We went to the grocery store after and I was in a lot of pain. I came home stayed on my left side and drank water. All night I was waking up in pain and it finally went away after church on Sunday. I won't be doing that again. Oh and on Thursday night I had to go to the doctors and had a bladder infection. The weird thing is that when I was 24 weeks with Jocelynn I had one also.
It was a great time at the park. I think next time we'll try it at the beach!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Easter - It's a BOY!

Easter was so memorable. The morning started out with the Easter bunny hiding eggs throughout the house and a basket for Jocelynn. It was fun to watch her get all excited.
THe night before we went grocery shopping for Easter breakfast and decided on Alton Brown's french toast. James made it and did an awesome job. It was so good. The best french toast I've ever had.
We watched conference and the spirit was so strong. The speakers were amazing and loved many of the words spoken. I just love Easter and the hope it brings to each of us. I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice, that we are all blessed to be able to live again because of him and have eternal life.

Later that evening we went to my mom and dad's house. We hid 42 Easter eggs in the front yard. My mom, dad, Jocelynn and I looked for the eggs and put them in the basket. It was a lot of fun, knowing one of them was going to tell me if our baby was a boy or girl. I couldn't believe I was able to wait a couple of weeks. It was worth the wait because it was an amazing moment to share with the ones I love.

We all went inside and passed the basket of eggs around. Each one took an egg out and I put paper in each egg, some said "try again or next time." This pregnancy I really felt like it was a boy, maybe because the pregnancy has been a lot different.
My dad took the first egg, my mom took the next one, then Jocelynn and then I did. I wish I let my grandma take an egg before I did but who knew that the 4th egg would be the egg! I opened the paper and it said Boy! I couldn't believe it!
I automatically started crying. I still can't believe I'm having a little man. It was awesome sharing it with my family, especially my Grandma Lane.
I love my family and am so excited and ready to have another person added to the love we share. There's definitely enough love to go around and I can't wait to meet him. I have to say that waiting till I was 24 weeks to find out has made my pregnancy fly by and can't believe I only have 15 weeks to go before we meet . . .

"Carter James Ward"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Joe Greensleeves" in Downtown Redlands

I took my camera but died the moment I tried to take a picture. It was a wonderful night so wanted to journal about it. It's been awhile since James and I have gone out. We wanted to celebrate our 7 year anniversary and mom agreed to watch Jocelynn. I have to say I was really looking forward to it. It was nice to be able to go out and the house was clean, dinner made for Jocelynn and she was already bathed. I even had time to get myself all ready and even paint my toes and fingernails.

We decided to go to the temple and see what was available and then to dinner. It was a last minute decision so I didn't call we just headed down there. When we got there I forgot it was closed for cleaning so then we weren't sure what we should do. We decided to go to Downtown Redlands and find a different place to eat. This is something James and I have in common. I love eating and trying new places to eat. Every once in awhile I like to go to a nice restaurant, where there aren't any kids and you feel like a grown up :) His boss told him about this place "Joe Greensleeves." WHen we parked the car and got out music was playing and we decided to walk around. James gave me his coat because I was cold and he said something like "We aren't in a rush, we're in love!" It was funny. We walked around and decided to try out the restaurant. It was candle lit, not crowded and since we were coming from the temple we were dressed for the occasion.

For appetizer we got Veal tortellini with tomato cream sauce. Doesn't sound very good but let me tell you! This was homemade tortellini, each tortellini was different and the sauce was amazing! Then I got chicken wrapped in spinach, mozzarella and with Madeira cream sauce. Wow! James got Prime Rib! We had great conversation, and the procuitto atmosphere was so nice. Afterwards we decided to head back and stop by Cheesecake Factory for dessert and watch the Laker game. We got Warm Apple Crisp. That was really good too, then we headed home.

It was a wonderful memory. Many may say the price of the meal isn't worth what you get but to me, every once in awhile I think it's more about the memory then the money. It was a romantic dinner by a fire, with wonderful food and a place we won't go to often but will be able to say remember when we ate there and I'll be able to look back and smile. The country song reminds me of my James, "Like the river meets the sea, stronger then it's ever been. We've come so far since that day, and I thought I loved you then!" I know that's how I'll feel, 10, 20, 30 years from now. I don't think my love for him can grow any more but it does and we look back and say "remember when?"