Sunday, May 25, 2014

Melinda's Baby Shower

Me best friend Melinda found out she was having twins. I will never forget that time she called to tell me. I just got done giving Jaxon a bath. She said Jenn there are two babies! I kept saying Oh my gosh!! Her mom wanted me to make this fruit out of watermelon for her shower. I thought it came out really cute! It was fun. She is such a wonderful mom and great example to me. Her shower was Dr Suess theme. 

 She is so good with babies and a wonderful mom! I was so excited when we found out they were boys! It will be so fun for her to have two boys!

Bath time and jumper

 On our way home from Utah. 

 Aunt Jeanette got presents for Jocelynn and Carter
 Jaxon in the jumper. He didn't really like the jumper except when I start smiling and playing with him he gets excited.

 He loves the bath!

Christmas in Wyoming

 Christmas Eve we read "Twas the Night before Christmas." The kids went to sleep and Santa came. The next morning, Carter woke up sick that morning. He just laid on the couch. I felt so bad for him.
 Tyler and Jocelynn woke up early, looking at presents.

 Opening their stockings.

 Carter kept saying"It's just what I wanted Mom!" and then he would lay back down on his pillow.
 Family picture.

 Jaxon got his "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament

 Carter got a Spiderman ornament
 Jocelynn got a Jingles dog ornament
 Carter trying out Jaeger and Ryker's new toy

 Christmas picture! We had a nice Christmas with family!

Sledding in Wyoming

 Jocelynn and Carter had a great time in the snow. We got to Wyoming on Monday. We had a great time sledding. The kids rode in the back of the truck to the school.
 Carter and Jocelynn went sledding down the hill. They had a great time but didn't like it when the snow got into their pants. 
 It was a beautiful day. Sunny outside. Jocelynn wanted to do it all by herself.

 Carter and James went down the hill together and then Carter wanted to do it all by himself.

 Jocelynn and Uncle Jason
 Jordyn, Mom and Jessica

Grandma and Jocelynn made snow angels together.

 Cousin fun!

 Jocelynn and I spent some time together outside in the snow. I love her so much!