Sunday, December 23, 2012

Daisy, park, and playdates

 Tuesdays and Thursdays we go with grandma to the park. I enjoy this time with her and she loves being outside. She always comments at how beautiful the parks look and what a gorgeous day it is. Her positive outlook is always refreshing. 
 Jocelynn started Daisys and loves it! Most of the girls are from church and I'm excited for all the new opportunities she will have from Daisys.
 The first day they had the moms come and talked about what they will be doing.

 At school Jocelynn had to dress as a farmer. I was able to put something together.
 This is her friend Spencer. They have a good time together. Jocelynn likes to be silly with her friends. This is a side to her that she doesn't show everyone so I love to capture the moment.
 Silly faces

 Carter had to get a picture too. Sweet boy.
 The kids loved this mask during Halloween. They would run after each other with it on. It was pretty funny.

 These are my friend Mellissa's boys. We have done a couple swaps.
 Painting. We painted this cardboard box to make a puppet show.

Carter's First trip to Disneyland

 For Jocelynn's birthday we got Disneyland passes. We were excited to bring Carter to Disneyland. We just knew he would love it. We went to Downtown Disney first so Daddy could meet us and we could go in together. We went to the Lego store first. 

 Carter was afraid of Hulk.

 The next pictures you can see just how excited Carter was. His smiles were so big and he was so happy. Disneyland closed early that night, bummer so we could only make it into California Adventure but it was still fun to go on a couple rides with him. He loved it!

 The caterpillar.
 The ladybug was a little too fast for him.

We had a great night and look forward to many more this year at Disneyland!


 Carter was so excited to be a dinosaur. James sings to him every night this song. "Stomp and roar stomp and roar I hear the sound of a dinosaur." He loves it and loves dinosaurs. 

 We went to my friend's annual Halloween party. Jocelynn's costume hadn't come yet, oops so she wore last years. She didn't mind.

 James and I were a bee and he was the bee keeper. We had this from a couple years ago.
 The kids have so much fun playing the games and it's always nice to see old faces. They always end the night with a scavenger hunt. 

 Yay her costume came and she loved it. My Little Pony. She even has the pony to match. 

 I invited my parents and Melinda over for a Spooky dinner for the kids.

 Pumpkin jello, ghost mashed potatoes and mummy dogs. Eyeballs and spiders. 

 Jocelynn loves these girls. 
 Being Silly!
 Carter and Paytin have so much fun together.
 Being Silly
 Spooky witches brew

 Phil and Gabrielle were also able to come. I just love this little girl!
 Carving pumpkins. The kids did not want to touch inside. 

 Baked pumpkin seeds. Yum!

 Jocelynn's Kindergarten had a parade. Here are some of her friends, Spencer and Adara.

 Her teacher, Mrs Balderas as Dora.
 The day of Halloween my friend Nichole, invited us over for a spooky dinner and to go trick or treating with them. The kids had so much fun.
 Mummy dogs, yucky apple mouth, and these cute carved pumpkin oranges with fruit inside.

 My friend Nichole and I.
 The trick or treaters. This was the first year that Jocelynn was running door to door. It was so cute. She took a nap that day so she would have some energy and she had a lot of energy. Around 7pm her sweet friend Gwen wanted to go home because she was so tired. Shortly after we went to my mom and dad's house to say Hi.

 They had such a great Halloween. 

And they are wiped out, relaxing watching some tv.